How a mother-daughter duo transformed a college project into a celebrated mental healthcare platform

How a mother-daughter duo transformed a college project into a celebrated mental healthcare platform

Thursday May 04, 2017,

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Trijog works in mental healthcare, and hopes to pave a path to a mindful society, one where mental health is understood correctly and treated accurately.

As a country that has started to pay attention to our physical well-being, we’ve forgotten that mental health is just as important, if not more. Being selfish and paying a little more attention to our mental and physical health benefits us in the long run.

The taboo around mental health is so much that we are blind to the obvious way in which we seek help for physical ailments, but hesitate so much for what is troubling the mind.

The story

Since her childhood, Arushi Sethi has seen her mother, Anureet Sethi, a renowned psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the field of clinical psychology, help people every day in bettering their mental health. Anureet has been nurturing a dream of a society free from stigma around mental health and the right care being provided to create a healthy, mindful society.

Back in 2014, in her final year of BMM at JaiHind College, Arushi was given the task of creating a dummy company for her ad design project. Wondering if she could use that opportunity to start something impactful, she approached her mother. Together, they started Trijog - Know Your Mind Pvt. Ltd., a social organisation working towards a mindful society.

Arushi believes that however small or big, if something is bothering our mind, it is important that we talk. By doing this, we fight the stigma governing mental health, making ourselves the ambassadors of mental wellbeing. Trijog is a progressive mental wellness platform, which is born out of a penchant for enabling minds and creating a stigma-free society, where caring for minds is as normal as caring for bodies.

With a team of 20 psychologists from all over the globe working in tandem with one another, Trijog offers a variety of solutions catering to the individual need of every client, institution and corporate. Trijog currently provides counselling over the phone and digital interface.

Holding an affiliation with Rehabilitation Council Of India, Trijog is certified and authorised to provide board certifications and provisions, equipping it to take care of each and every behavioural emotional and learning requirement of children, adolescents and adults (all aged between 2 and 85) all under one roof. Providing identification, diagnostics, assessments, counselling and intervention, Trijog brands itself as a 'venting platform for minds'.

Located in Powai, Mumbai, in the span of two years, Trijog has grown twofold, transforming over 4,500 lives. Trijog has clients from all over the country and has attracted the eyes of a few individuals from other countries as well, such as Dubai, Singapore, Korea and the Philippines.

Awake and Beyond campaign

“We are a nation suffering in silence! We all acknowledge that we have problems. But why is it that we are ashamed to talk about them,” asks Arushi.

Mental illness can affect anyone, our families, friends or even us. Awake and Beyond is an awareness campaign that raises the responsibility to have frank conversations about mental illness, integrate those that have been alienated due to stigma, and help those who need treatment, seek it and break free from the shroud of secrecy surrounding mental health.

Nitin Paranjpe, Global President of Unilever Home Care Business, says, “It is sad that ignorance and stigma prevent so many people from acknowledging mental health issues and receiving timely help. To that end, Trijog needs to be complimented for its efforts in driving awareness and creating a support system to overcome what is a growing challenge in today’s society.”

Trijog is scheduled to go online in the next six months, allowing the organisation to reach a wider audience and grow more quickly. With three more campaigns lined up for this year, Trijog plans to raise the bar for mental health care using digital media.

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