Bengaluru to employ litter bins again, ceases door-to-door collection

Bengaluru to employ litter bins again, ceases door-to-door collection

Tuesday June 20, 2017,

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With the existing model of door-to-door garbage collection not being very effective, the BBMP, Bengaluru's civic body, has again resorted to installing litter bins across the city. In this context, the city's development minister KJ George and Mayor G Padmavathi have recently inaugurated the system near the National Market area.

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This system is being reintroduced after 17 years. According to a report by The Hindu, a total of 2,232 twin litter bins will soon be installed in all major commercial areas, markets, and slums over the next one month said a BBMP official.

The goal is to prevent black spots in the city.

Each litter bin will have a capacity of 200 litres. The green bins are meant for wet waste and the blue ones are assigned for dry waste. Not just that, the BBMP is all set to take over the complete process of managing solid waste rather than outsourcing it to private contractors.

Speaking with The News Minute, G Padmavathi said,

As a part of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s Nagarothana Scheme, twin litter bins will be installed in 2,232 locations covering all BBMP zones. These bins will be installed within the next 15 days. The civic body will take over the whole gamut of solid waste management in the city from sweeping, collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage. This overhaul of the existing system will take at least two to three months as the BBMP has to procure pick-up vehicles, which are currently being provided by private contractors.

According to The News Minute, a senior BBMP official said the body that was handling the process was not very efficient and it is high time the BBMP took matters into its own hands. He said,

Old habits die hard. People will still throw garbage on the roadside. However, gradually, with more awareness, people are taking to segregating their own waste but the city still needs a proper implementation system to ensure that citizens don’t throw garbage on the roads.

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