5 tips to help you develop patience and find your dream job

5 tips to help you develop patience and find your dream job

Monday June 19, 2017,

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When you were little, you must have been asked this question a hundred times – What do you want to be when you grow up? Your answer probably evolved from wanting to be an astronaut to a fire-fighter as years passed. Now you're probably in college or at your first job and you still don't know where your passion lies. Don't be afraid. There are thousands like you who are still figuring out what they want to do with their lives. But while you seek through trial and error the job that you'll love doing, you need to develop patience. Here's how you can land a job you'll enjoy waking up to every morning.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Take some time off

While an aptitude test or a career coach will only be able to guide you in the right direction, what you want to make of your life has to come from within you. Take a few days off to spend time with yourself. Go on a vacation alone. Discover your true self. When you spend time getting to know your deepest thoughts and desires, you'll come across a career path that has been staring you in the face all this time.

Do some research

Search the web and read a few books on the career path you are interested in. Ask people who have spent 25 years in the profession of your choice about their fulfillment with life. Research will guide you on how you can land the job you love. It will not only enrich you with industry knowledge, but it will also alert you if the field you've chosen is not suited for you.

Find a mentor

A mentor can help you build connections and he/she can introduce you to new industries and people you might not have considered before. It is better to find a mentor sooner rather than later. Also, if your mentor has a solid reputation and vouches for you, this can pass credibility to you.

Use different techniques for job search

Just like you would diversify your investment portfolio, spread out your job search techniques too. Dedicate different days of the week to applying for jobs online, applying for jobs in person and reaching out to your existing network. In the meantime, focus on the development of new skills. Keep searching till you find the perfect job as you never know which technique will bear the best results for you.

Learn from your mistakes

Reflect and find out why you didn't get the positions you interviewed for. There is no harm in emailing your interviewer and asking him/her why you weren't considered for the job. When you're persistent, you'll be able to understand the reason behind your continuous failure. Once you know your mistakes, you can improve yourself for the future hunt.

Patience is the secret you need to trust in if you want to get your work and life on track. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "He that can have patience can have what he will."