24-year-old Nangjop's cleanliness drive is garnering countrywide appreciation

24-year-old Nangjop's cleanliness drive is garnering countrywide appreciation

Tuesday July 25, 2017,

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While the importance of cleanliness cannot be stressed enough, most of us limit this responsibility to our own homes. When we cross a smelly, overstuffed garbage dump, we are quick to blame the municipality, government, and others around us. What we fail to realise is that we are a part of the same society, and can ourselves bring about the change we expect from others. Doing exactly this, 24-year-old Nangjop Thabah has started a mission to keep his city clean.

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As a part of his mission, #NoLitterShillong, Nangjop has singlehandedly been removing the garbage on the roads and drains, one place at a time. He has garnered huge support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this initiative as well. Speaking about this, Nangjop says,

This is our prime minister’s biggest dream, and we will do whatever we can to help him achieve this dream.

Nangjop has been encouraging more people to join the mission and has created the hashtag #AdoptaNeighbourhood to promote it on social media. As a result, many people have associated themselves with this initiative, both on social media and in their everyday lives.

He wrote a Facebook post describing his first solo cleaning campaign experience, and said,

What followed throughout the course of the drive was folks looking along at us with quiet disdain to questions such as "Phi leh aiu?" (What are you doing?) to more ridiculous ones like, "Phi ioh scheme aiu na ka sorkar"? (Which scheme are you getting from the government?) Apparently, one can't do a good deed for the local community without an agenda now.

He wishes to continue this effort in the hope that people will realise the importance of cleanliness and inculcate it in their lives.

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