Traits that a team expects from its leader

Traits that a team expects from its leader

Wednesday July 05, 2017,

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If you want to be remembered as a leader by your subordinates, then you need to focus on only one thing - the ability to help your employees grow and advance in their career. Being self-centered and oblivious to your workers needs and aspirations won't take you far. While focusing on everybody else's growth along with your own can seem like a difficult task, it isn't entirely impossible. Here are three simple things every team wants from their leader.

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Your team works day in and out to achieve goals that you have set for them. In return, all your team requires from you is a little support. Provide them with the right environment to work in. When a team knows that their leader is backing them, they will put in extra efforts to live up to their leader's expectations.

What's more? If you're aware that your team is working round the clock to meet a deadline, but find it to be too stringent then talk to the client and request for an extension.

Leadership is about serving your team, not about being served by them. Of course, serving your team doesn't mean that you do their job for them, but be available whenever they need your help.


Guidance and steering the team in the right direction will definitely put you on the pedestal to be a good leader. Lack of clarity can lead to frustration, misalignment and disengagement. If you are able to provide your team with proper guidance every step of the way, you will notice a remarkable difference in their productivity levels.


Some of your team members might have a few years of experience, while some others might be complete novices. As a leader it is your responsibility to provide detailed and timely feedback to your team members. Don't publicly admonish your employees, take 'em aside and provide them positive reinforcement. Don't cast aside your weak team members or focus only on the strong ones. Develop a team spirit where everyone helps each other out. Also, hand out praise as and when necessary. Positive feedback is key to building a great team that achieves amazing things. When you successfully create a culture of recognition, your team members will not be afraid to try new things.

If you want your team to achieve better results and you want to become a better leader, provide the above mentioned three simple ingredients to your team. Doing this will motivate those under you and will boost their efforts like never before.