Pay attention to these surprising five red flags signaling burnout

Pay attention to these surprising five red flags signaling burnout

Saturday July 22, 2017,

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Have you been working exceptionally long hours and taking on exceedingly heavy workloads lately? If the answer is yes, you might be more exhausted than you think. You might love what you do but passion cannot keep exhaustion at bay. If you feel like you're under tremendous amounts of pressure all the time, you should stop to take a breath. When you put yourself under unwarranted pressure to excel or to meet a particularly difficult deadline, you will push yourself over the edge.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Here are five red flags signaling burnout that you might be ignoring.

You don't feel motivated or inspired anymore

Do you love your job but feel uninspired to go to work lately? If that's the case, you might be closer to a burnout than you think. Enthusiasm and aspirations helps an individual get out of bed every morning and go to work. However, if you no longer feel inspired with the tasks that lay ahead of you each day, you need to consider taking some time off to rejuvenate yourself.

You are frustrated all the time

Everybody experiences bouts of pessimism from time-to-time, but if you are constantly feeling negative about everything - be it your personal or professional life, then you're a lot more stressed than you imagined. This negativity will sap you of your energy and is the beginning of a downward spiral. Therefore, you need to halt before things go out of control.

You withdraw from your family and friends

Stress forces us to stay aloof, as we don't expect our friends and family to understand our problems. Irritability is also at an all-time high, as you snap at people for the flimsiest of reason. If left unchecked you will withdraw into a shell and allow loneliness to consume you. When you're not your usual self with the people you love, you should take your deteriorating behavior as a sign that you're closer to a burnout.

You no more take care of yourself

When daily routines like shower or grooming seem like a task, it's a sign that your mind has given into the immense built-up tension. Also, drinking too much, smoking excessively, not eating well and not getting enough sleep are yet more signs that you are degenerating mentally as well as physically.

Entertaining self-doubt and self-pity

The moment you question your ability to succeed at your job, is the moment you open the flood gates to self-doubt and self-pity. A burnout can lead to the most absurd and catastrophic thoughts. If you are starting to feel like your job profile is not evolving or you're not growing as a person, then stop all that you're doing and take off on a vacation to clear your head.

Burnout can happen to anybody and at any age and therefore you should be aware of its warning signs lest you fall prey to it.