This 23-year-old owner of Navi Mumbai cafe has defied Down's syndrome to get on with life

This 23-year-old owner of Navi Mumbai cafe has defied Down's syndrome to get on with life

Thursday August 03, 2017,

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"Working hard is the key for good life, but no one can work empty stomach," reads the words on the walls of Aditi's Corner, a cafe in Navi Mumbai. There words reflect a simple truth of life -- working hard is a fact of life but in order to work one must eat too.

These words, in a way, also reflect the cafe owner's philosophy of life. Aditi Verma, 23, who was born with a rare genetic disease, has decided to take life head-on, instead of living with self pity.

Aditi welcomes her customers with a bright smile. Her cafe, surrounded with plastic chairs and white tables, serves 75-80 meals everyday, and has become the focus of her life.

With a menu card that reads Maggi, eggs, sandwiches, tea, coffee, etc., Aditi’s Corner, which was started on 1 January 2016, serves all kinds of snacks, besides homemade lunch which is prepared by Aditi and her mother Reena Verma, according to a report in Indiatimes. Reena is quoted as saying in the report:

Aditi always had a knack for cooking. Sometimes, she used to watch videos on YouTube and prepare dishes. So my husband, cousin and I decided to do help her realise her dream

Aditi's cafe is housed in the same building where her family has its transport and distribution setup. She runs the cafe all by herself. From client calls to making the dishes, from accounts to managing the orders, the young girl does everything herself. She works eight hours from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening, says a report in the Logical Indian. On a daily basis, she receives approx. 80 orders. Her mother says,

In the past one and a half years, I’ve seen Aditi change. She has become more confident; people come and tell me how good a job she is doing

Amit Verma, Aditi's father says,

Accept your children for who they are. Kids who suffer from Down’s syndrome are lovely children and I feel blessed to have Aditi. The key is to give them space. They are thorough with their work and are dedicated individuals. Once you teach them something, they will retain it for life. There is no need to overprotect them. The children need to live their lives on their terms.

Born with Down's syndrome, which affects one in every 800-1,000 live births, Aditi is an inspiration to many individuals across the world. She adds,

I love working in the cafe and always wanted one of my own. With my parents’ support, I have learned to manage the work myself

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