Win $5,000 worth of Dell technology for your startup: Dell Startup Challenge Season 2 is here

Win $5,000 worth of Dell technology for your startup: Dell Startup Challenge Season 2 is here

Tuesday September 12, 2017,

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Have an innovation that can disrupt the market? Are you a fresh startup with big aspirations? Dell Startup Challenge Season 2 is here to empower businesses like yours; and is now open for applications.

Dell is committed to accelerating the increasingly powerful role that entrepreneurs play in driving global economic growth. Dell wants to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, technology and resources they need.

If you have a great idea or are an early-stage startup, Dell Startup Challenge Season 2 is just what you need to transform your idea into a fundable one. How? Short-listed startups get a chance to present their business idea to an angel investor or a seed fund, besides receiving Dell Vostro laptops. And the winning startup will get Dell technology worth $5,000. That’s just the kind of leg-up your startup could use.

You have Dell technology on your side

Dell is committed to helping entrepreneurs like you to grow and scale to your full potential. That’s why Dell provides end-to-end, scalable technology solutions during that crucial early time in the market. And you don’t have to be a winner to enjoy this advantage.

Winning does come with a lot of perks, but even if you don’t win, you don’t leave empty-handed. You go back with a wealth of experience, networking opportunities, or that light-bulb moment that can pave the way for you to come up with a stronger strategy and hack growth. In fact, for many startups that have disrupted the market, participating in a contest in their early stages is what led them on a trajectory growth path.

It helps you perfect your pitch story

Participating in Dell Startup Challenge Season 2 can be a powerful experience as it helps build momentum for your idea at an early stage, something critical for startups. It compels you to put your business idea on paper, organise your thoughts, think critically about every aspect of your business -- from short-term goal to long-term-- and even helps polish your business plan.

Dell Startup Challenge debuted last year, where over 550 early-stage startups competed for the top spot. Last year’s action-packed season saw three early-stage startups – OroWealth, i2u2, and Project Mudra, Leado and Perpule, make the shortlist and win Dell Vostro laptops. The winner, i2u2, went on to take home $5,000 worth of Dell technology. OroWealth, i2u2, and Project Mudra were also featured in YourStory and generated a lot of buzz in social media.

So, don’t wait! Make your powerful idea a successful business.

Learn more, or apply for Dell Startup Challenge Season 2 here.

The last day to submit your application is October 10, 2017.