Here’s why the Intuit QuickBooks workshop at TechSparks 2017 is a must-attend event for entrepreneurs

Here’s why the Intuit QuickBooks workshop at TechSparks 2017 is a must-attend event for entrepreneurs

Friday September 15, 2017,

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So you’ve pursued your entrepreneurship dream and are now running a small business. Congratulations, particularly as you’re doing pretty well. But the thing is, do you find yourself out of your comfort zone, having to wear multiple hats, juggling diverse roles as you scale up?

According to entrepreneurs, the biggest bugbear of any new business is efficiently managing money. Founders often don’t have a clear picture of their business health and are left floundering Consequently, in several instances, businesses are undervalued and end up making less money. In startups, founders struggle to reconcile accounts and don’t have a clear picture of their profits and liabilities. And for Indian business especially, the new GST (Goods and Services Tax) regime has added to their woes, leaving them struggling to understand what they need to do in an easy manner.

If this is all too familiar to you, then don’t miss the workshop on Financial Fitness – The First Step to Funding, being organised by Intuit at TechSparks 2017 later this month in Bengaluru, and discover how you can make your business financially fit and ready for funding using QuickBooks, the user-friendly accounting software package.

Why you should attend

QuickBooks, launched in 2012, is the flagship product of Intuit, a leading global business and financial software company founded in 1983. QuickBooks is a cloud-based financial management and accounting software for startups and small businesses across the world, with 2.3 million users in 192 countries.

What sets QuickBooks apart from other similar products is that it simplifies and streamlines the process, empowering small entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business and obviating worries about managing finances. Here are some fast facts about the solution:

  • Startups that use QuickBooks get paid twice as fast as those who don’t.
  • 89 per cent of QuickBooks customers say they are more confident about their financial data.
  • The solution simplifies the process for even those with no prior accounting-related knowledge

Learn more about the QuickBooks advantage and how you can leverage it

Focus on the business to scale it

When scaling up, startup founders find themselves in a very difficult phase when they are pulled in several directions at once. QuickBooks facilitates faster payments through tools such as professional invoices, payments reminders, and auto-invoicing. Once this accounting worry is taken care of, entrepreneurs can devote their energies to the need of the hour: bringing more money into the business, growing their business, and staying financially sound.

Get an accurate picture of your financial health anytime, anywhere

QuickBooks has dashboards that indicate exactly how a business is doing in terms of financial health. This helps entrepreneurs pinpoint how much money is owed to them or how much they themselves owe others. This, in turn, helps the business become more profitable by providing actionable insights on performance and reports.

The advantage is that QuickBooks users can access all this information on any device from anywhere in the world. As a satisfied customer gleefully put it, “It’s like taking my accountant everywhere I go.”

Understand the intricacies of GST

A major plus point for Indian entrepreneurs is that Intuit QuickBooks has experience of successfully rolling out GST-ready software in international markets. It is helping small businesses ease their transition into the new tax regime by actively educating and alerting users on GST registration and important updates. In fact, when the new GST regime came into effect on July 1 this year, QuickBooks users didn’t have to download any new software as it was already upgraded at no extra cost.

Hear it from the experts at the workshop

Aditi Puri Batra -- Head of Sales, Intuit India

Aditi is responsible for increasing the footprint of QuickBooks in the country through sales and partnerships. She has over 19 years’ experience in building businesses and driving expansion into new markets in India and the US for global giants such as Amazon, Google, CBS, CNET and CNBC.

Bikash Chowdhury -- Head of Marketing, Intuit India

At Intuit, Bikash focuses on helping small businesses realise the true value of digitisation and online accounting by helping them adopt and leverage QuickBooks. As a co-founder of a mobile gaming studio earlier in his career, he leverages his empathy to help small and medium businesses. He has over 15 years’ experience at technology companies -- building, marketing and selling products and solutions to global and Indian businesses and consumers.

Topics for the workshop include
  • The importance of financial fitness
  • How you can assess your current financial fitness
  • What are the steps to move from the current state to a fit state

So if you are a startup founder or an aspiring entrepreneur, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn how you can your take your business to newer heights.

Register your place at the Intuit workshop at TechSparks 2017 on September 23, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm