7 ways in which managers can degrade their employee's productivity

7 ways in which managers can degrade their employee's productivity

Thursday October 12, 2017,

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“People don’t change jobs, they change managers”

Creating an inspiring environment to fuel employee productivity is easier said than done. For any business, employee productivity is important. The more efficient the employees are, the more successful the business will be.

As a manager, our goal should be to avoid any management practices that could be a deterrent to employee productivity. And it is important to realise that the organisation’s culture and senior management’s attitude are driving factors behind a productive workforce.

Here are certain ways in which managers can degrade their employee’s productivity.

Ignoring top talent

It is quite easy to underestimate the power of top talent and ignore them. Mostly managers do this mistake and end up demotivating their employees. Employees get frustrated and work half-heartedly because of their skills are being ignored.

Try this: Acknowledge the top-performing employees of your company, recognise their talent and celebrate their success. Interact with them and understand how they differ from others. To retain your employees in the long run foster a culture of professional growth.


There are managers who make their employees feel disempowered due to the control they have on them. Breathing down an employee’s neck is not going to help. Micromanagement needs to be controlled to avoid degrading of employees’ productivity.

Try this: Do not be a control freak, make people accountable for their work. Move away from micromanaging by developing trust. Pick the right talent and be clear on expectations.

Leading by fear

Fear is a powerful motivator and may force employees to lose their job. Leading by fear is a sign of suspicion in employees. A good manager is one who trusts his employees. Those who threaten employees’ job security risk disabling their team.

Try this: Avoid activities that kill morale and decrease employee productivity. Do not warn them of losing their job because of their little mistakes. Think wisely before intimidating someone’s job security. Take a deep breath, consider the positive points and let it go. Great employees rarely stick around fearful manager. Communicate a clear vision and goal with teams giving credit where it is due.

Social media network

Social media offers a window to all managers to keep a check on how people live their lives. Managers out of curiosity or need add their employees on social media. Employees get stalked by their seniors, leading to a dishonest relationship.

Try this: Allow workers to live their personal life without intrusion. According to Harvard business review, companies that foster creativity are more profitable and are 50% more likeable to be market leaders.

Misuse of technology

Many managers refuse to embrace technology. There are certain technologies that increase productivity in the workplace and can be very effective. It's important to study different hardware and software solutions that can improve workplace efficiency.

Try this: Use softwares or devices that make communication and collaboration within employees easy.

Lack of care

Year on year, employees are falling sick due to stress. Managers have to boost employee productivity by encouraging self-care and combat burnout before it happens.

Try this: Foster a healthy work culture by listening to employees, offering feedback, and establishing clear parameters for success. Encourage team members to care for their physical, mental and emotional health.

Respect work-life balance. Allow them to work from home in emergency situations.

Unhealthy company culture

A company culture is the blend of values and beliefs that define the personality of your brand. Managers are so busy running after results that they forget to look after the work culture of the company. The only way to maximize results is to create an environment that is both healthy and productive.

Try this: According to a study, happy employees are 12% more productive. Create an environment that engages employees and promotes motivation and good work ethic. Engage employees in team building activities, improve communication and show care for employees.

If a manager takes care of all these things, they will have a team that is happy and efficient. Productivity is core to a company, develop it gradually.

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