Use these 5 tips to successfully market your crowdfunding campaign

Use these 5 tips to successfully market your crowdfunding campaign

Wednesday October 04, 2017,

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For the uninitiated, crowdfunding essentially means a literal situation when a crowd gathers to fund an idea. Several people start such campaigns overflowing with enthusiasm, but they realize much later how difficult it is to get the word out and keep the funding coming in. However, if you know what you are doing, promoting your campaign can actually be an enjoyable and successful endeavour. No matter how well-designed it is, crowdfunding is time-consuming. Reaching out to as many potential backers as possible involves a lot of hard work across several channels.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Here are five tips to help you successfully market your crowdfunding campaign:

Media outreach

Whether you're raising funds for your next album or for an established charity, make great storytelling a part of your promotional arsenal. Use your storytelling skills and techniques to secure media coverage. Get journalists to listen to the interesting stories you have in store for them. Look for creative writers, then craft a fabulous, personalized pitch. Avoid email blasts as they usually don't work. Pitching your story to the right journalists will eventually get you press coverage. While media outreach is not rocket science, you still need to do it correctly to see results.

Digital media

Social media is the first marketing tactic for most fundraisers. However, they often limit their promotional tactics to Facebook and Twitter. Both platforms are great in their own way, but Pinterest and Reddit shouldn't be overlooked either. Whichever platform you're on, make sure you're actively participating to see maximum results. Great pictures bring life to a campaign, so appoint a professional graphic designer to make share-worthy images.

Offline marketing

Several crowdfunding campaigns are a blend of online as well as offline promotions. From live concerts to community gatherings, you can organize events that will get people talking and supporting your project. To add an online component to your offline marketing, live-stream your event. Inform your audience about the time you'll go live and ask them to invite their network. You can also record videos of the event and post them on your campaign's page.

Gamify your campaign

Games are the perfect way to gain engagement and interaction in the online world. Spice up your campaign with a cool contest. Give out interesting rewards to attract more people to your cause. Doing this strengthens the viral factor of your campaign and builds an environment of support.

Involve influencers

Influencer marketing is all about identifying key individuals who can help convey your content to their large fan followings. Start by researching your influencers and connecting with them. The key to successfully working with influencers involves building relationships. A good relationship is always mutually beneficial. Influencer marketing expands your reach while giving the influencer something in return. It is one of the fastest ways to market your crowdfunding campaign effectively.

Remember, without a 'crowd', there will be no 'crowdfunding'. Use the above-mentioned tips consistently to grab attention for your fundraising campaign.

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