5 easy and effective ways to remain supercharged at work

5 easy and effective ways to remain supercharged at work

Friday November 17, 2017,

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Being more productive at work is the need of the hour every hour, but how is one to remain energetic through the day? Try these 5 simple tips.

As a working mother, I always have to be particular about many things, including being fully present at work and home. Parenthood is wonderful, but can also be dreadful. My child, who is 4 years old, is at a stage where his imagination is running wild. He is full of energy and needs someone to talk to constantly. I am usually peppered with questions galore and sometimes wonder what to answer. I really wonder where he learns to ask such tricky questions.

Being a mom and a manager at ProofHub requires values, passion and strength to handle both responsibilities effectively. And I am doing pretty well in both. From making decisions for my child to making decisions for my teams and projects, everything needs me to be there all the time. Some days, I have to fight back great fatigue. And some days, I am just planning so many things that I am sapped of all energy. But not all days are the same. Here are a few things I do regularly to stay supercharged from morning to night:

  1. Work out: Keep alive the fitness idea

If you have already scheduled the early morning hours for a workout, you are already doing good to yourselves. I made this healthy choice a few days back. And though it is tough to get up on the first ring of the alarm, I manage it. I make up my mind before I sleep, keep my sneakers and workout clothes ready and work out at least five days a week. I actually love doing it now and no reason stops me from getting out of my bed. Exercise is fun and keeps me bright the whole day. You can do a home workout or hit the gym, but incorporating regular exercise into your day is very important to boost energy levels.

  1. Be decisive: Make intuitive decisions

The inability to take a decision is something that keeps many people “stuck”. In a day I have to make hundreds of decisions, small and big. What to wear, what to cook, when to set the deadlines, which client to take up, which to leave and so on. All decisions slowly sap my energy but I always try to keep mundane decisions away. I make a list of all important tasks in notes on the ProofHub app; this helps recall tasks at hand and is much simpler than keeping a notepad to make a list. Different choices can often make you anxious, but good decision-making is imperative.

  1. Stay organised: No desk mess or forgotten tasks

Avoid keeping your desk piled with papers, files or notepads. I keep it clean and organised, managing all my work through my app. I keep a record of all my tasks there, organise my notes, record my ideas and save all important files. It keeps my work desk clean and I feel in control. When everything around is organised, I find I complete my work faster, with lesser stress and save a lot of time. So, organise your desk to do away with stress.

  1. Bon appetit: Avoid over-fueling or staying hungry

Our energy level is greatly affected by blood sugar levels, and to maintain that you need to fuel yourself properly through the day. I consume whole grains, vegetable juice, fruits and proteins. We should fill our stomach with food that highly increases our chance of success. A healthy breakfast and nutritious snacks will boost energy levels at work. Keep your blood sugar stable and your energy level will probably be more stable too.

  1. Be positive: No negative thoughts allowed

Every moment you will have to struggle with maintaining peace or struggle with yourself. I choose to be at peace at work and home because it brings in positive energy and positive energy gives me the power. Thinking positive increases my productivity and allows me to plan practically. Now, I am addicted to attracting good energy as it makes my work simpler and faster.

These habits give me a healthy mind and body. Changing your habits may not be easy, but making a conscious effort and using the right tools will keep you raring to go.

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