10 books aspiring sales execs need to read pronto

10 books aspiring sales execs need to read pronto

Tuesday November 14, 2017,

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Sales can be a tough nut to crack, more so for those who aren’t naturally adept at the art of the sale. So for the uninitiated, there is no other way but the grind of learning the ropes from the ground up. When it comes to learning the fundamentals of any subject, books are generally your best bet for literally every facet of life – sales included.

Whether you want to update yourself on trends or are looking for tips and advice, here is a comprehensive list of 10 books that salespersons can refer to:

Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar

This classic, which salespeople from all generation adhere to, was authored by Zig Ziglar and published in 1982. The book goes into the fine details of communication to why people aren’t interested in buying your product to closing crucial deals. It pretty much summarises the best practices when attempting to close a sale.

The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource by Jeffrey Gitomer

The go-to guide for thousands of sales professionals, Jeffrey Gitomer’s The Sales Bible answers the most common questions that all sales representatives have at one point or another. Whether you want to know more about pitching and leads or pipeline management, this is the ultimate resource for salespeople belonging to any industry.

The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi

Every business hopes to expel non-productiveness and inefficiency in favour of noticeable growth. According to Trish Bertuzzi, sales development is the key to growth and development. While this book is aimed primarily at sales leaders and executives, any sales professional can benefit from it.

The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

According to Brian Tracy, selling goes beyond strategy and politics. It is, in fact, the practical application of psychology in a business context. Through this book, Brian lays out the inner motivations of buyers as well as sellers, explaining how they interact with each other to create opportunities for both parties.

Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

Delivering a winning sales pitch is one of the most crucial components of the selling process. You can either make or break a deal depending on how well you’ve mastered this craft. Oren Klaff elaborates on his one-of-a-kind method to deliver successful pitches for any business situation.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

An age-old classic, this book continues to be relevant in this digital era. How to Win Friends…, which was first published in 1936, will help you reach your maximum potential by helping you perfect important interpersonal skills and is an absolute must-read for the sales professional as well as the layman.

New Sales. Simplified. by Mike Weinberg

If you’re looking for a direct, blunt approach to sales, this is just the book you need to read. Peppered with relatable humour, this book takes a straightforward approach and gives strategic examples in the realms of emailing, social media, phone calls, and a lot more.

The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge

Are you finding it difficult to scale up your sales team and meet your reach goals? If the answer is yes, hand copies of this book to your sales executives, and make sure you read it too. Mark Roberge does not have any silver bullets, but his formulas – based on years of experience – are definitely worth emulating.

Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness by Jeffrey Gitomer

Yet another popular sales book by Jeffrey Gitomer, the Little Red Book of Selling dives into the “12.5” principles of sales greatness. Jeffrey uses his straight-forward style to teach readers how to pick up on the small details to understand what sales prospects are thinking.

To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Thing About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink

Through this book, Daniel Pink attempts to change the way we look at the art and science of sales. He shows the tools and tips one can use to better the way we sell our ideas, our products, and ourselves.

Now, book recommendations are always a tricky list to compile, so if you think we are missing out on a bestseller or a must-read on sales, please do feel free to share them in the comments below.

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