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To combat pollution, Simply Purify develops Air Quality Monitor and Purifier

To combat pollution, Simply Purify develops Air Quality Monitor and Purifier

Friday December 22, 2017 , 3 min Read

Working on the premise that existing air purifiers are expensive and not designed with India’s pollution levels in mind, a Delhi-based startup is set to launch Air Quality Monitors and Purifiers.

Every year, around this time, the most common topic of conversation becomes the pollution in Delhi. With every passing year, it’s not only the Indian capital, but the entire country that seems to be reeling under the effects of pollution.

Close to seven million Indians die premature deaths every year, making smog one of the biggest health hazards.

While the government is still figuring out stricter measures to combat pollution, entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative solutions to bring down health risks.

Simply Purify, a startup incubated in Delhi’s electronics incubator, Electropreneur Park, has developed products for air quality monitoring and management.

Launched in 2015, the idea kick-started when one of the Co-founders, Anmol Badsra, developed an air purifier when his daughter was born. Vivek Pandey joined with a strong conviction to develop products further, leveraging his experience in electronics hardware and software development.

Currently, the first prototype, the Simply Purify Air Quality Monitor, is almost at the final stages of fruition.

Banking on innovation

Vivek feels existing brands of air purifiers are expensive and not designed with India’s pollution levels in mind.

The market for home air purifiers is already at a size of Rs 2,400-plus crore annually and growing at approximately 40 percent CAGR.

Vivek Pandey

Simply Purify is banking on innovative technologies and affordable pricing to create its niche in the growing market.

“We are using proven technologies to develop smart devices that will ensure good air quality indoors, by making it possible to control variables like particulate and VOC removal, temperature maintenance, humidity control, and fresh air intake,” Vivek says.

Going ahead, the startup hopes to make their products ultra-smart with the best use of technology.

“We envision to build solutions where your phone would be able to tell you whether you should take your kids to the park this Sunday, and whether the nearest park offers the kind of air quality that is suitable for your children to play in,” he adds.

Creating a buzz

Their product has not been launched, but has great traction among people aware of the development. The brand has garnered interest and created a buzz in the market by displaying the Simply Purify AQ Monitor prototype at fairs and exhibitions.

“We plan to have a formal launch on an online channel before New Year. Once the product hits the market, we will generate revenues from the sale of AQ Monitors, Air Purifiers and their replacement filters,” Vivek says.

Simply Purify is currently incubated at Electropreneur Park, through which it also received a CSR fund of Rs 3 lakh. It is now in the process of exploring various avenues for seed funding.


Vivek Pandey talks about how Simply Purify aims to improve India's air quality management with its innovative products.