Global consumer intelligence platform Mobilewalla dials into Indian market

Global consumer intelligence platform Mobilewalla dials into Indian market

Wednesday May 09, 2018,

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Today, mobile devices accompany consumers on their daily journey and serve as their main conduit for numerous tasks, from reading news to paying for coffee. An important effect of this increased mobile usage is the massive amount of data generated. This has special relevance in India, where the economy is primarily consumer-driven, and an overwhelming majority of the largest enterprises serve consumers. These B2C companies, in this intensely competitive environment, have great need for consumer data, both for marketing and advertising as well as to sustain and grow operations.

Industry forecasts estimate that in 2018, mobile will take over all other digital ad spending in India, the second largest mobile device market in the world, to the estimated tune of Rs 54 billion.

Yet, the Indian market is greatly data challenged, especially with regard to granular consumer data, and marketers are frequently forced to bear the significant costs of these insufficiencies. If marketers are to capitalise on mobile’s growth, they must equip themselves with high quality consumer data.

A next generation consumer data company, Mobilewalla employs big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to power a highly granular consumer intelligence platform.

“Our platform enables agencies to successfully analyse, interpret, and activate vast amounts of consumer profiles based on mobile data,” says Anindya Datta, CEO and Founder, Mobilewalla. “Our database gives advertisers a robust and clear picture of consumer patterns based on real-life activity. We also harness location and behaviour-based data to understand consumers and recognise where individuals are in their life journey. User information is collected from a variety of sources so advertisers can engage consumers who are ready to buy and develop compelling advertising campaigns that speak directly to their best customers.”

Recently kicking off commercial operations in India from a brand-new Kolkata headquarters, Mobilewalla demystifies consumers, enabling marketers to execute smarter, more efficient engagement campaigns. Using cutting-edge data science, Mobilewalla is the only consumer intelligence platform able to analyse audiences persistently as they evolve, on a global scale, and is the go-to resource for major B2C enterprises, especially in the areas of telecommunications, retail, consumer packaged goods, and financial services.

As a consumer intelligence platform able to store, access and analyse more than two years’ worth of mobile data, Mobilewalla is able to cleanse consumer data by using the most cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in the market today. By taking highly fragmented data and organising it into clean consumer models, Mobilewallacan provide marketers with powerful consumer insights that can be leveraged for campaigns both via apps, as well as across social media platforms.

Since Mobilewalla studies app usage as one of the key factors of consumer behaviour, typical mobile usage issues that plague emerging markets, such as app uninstalls to save space on devices with limited memory and processing power, and fraud due to incentivized app installs, don’t pose a challenge in their data analysis. “We are able to get a much clearer picture of consumers’ real-life behaviour, as app usage tells a truth that cannot be seen with simple download rates, and thus provide marketers with some of the cleanest data in the ecosystem,” Datta adds.

Mobilewalla’s consumer data includes both audience segments and data enrichment capabilities. Each Mobilewalla syndicated segment is a collection of mobile devices that satisfies a specific consumer targeting criterion. They vary from simple segments (for instance, women between the ages of 25-34, business travelers, tech enthusiasts) to highly nuanced segments (lives within one mile of Lowes, but shops at Home Depot or buys newest iPhone within one month of release).

Custom audience segments can also be created and are hyper-relevant to brands, allowing marketers to leverage their existing consumer data and enriching it with data from Mobilewalla, to create the most granular and accurate engagement tools. All Mobilewalla custom audience segments can be uploaded to the platform of choice and then activated as usual for a simple and seamless user experience.

Mobilewalla also enriches first party data. Companies maintain their original records, but by pairing it to global consumer intelligence offered by Mobilewalla, the insights gleaned are much richer and more actionable. For example, a retailer might know when their customers visit their stores (or what they buy in them), but might not know other related visits that might be predictive of monetisable shopping patterns. Mobilewalla’scomprehensive, demographic and behaviour-based consumer intelligence platform delivers high-impact marketing initiatives for enterprises and brands, in a way thatis privacy-safe.

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