10 reasons why the K-Startup Grand Challenge is the best way to expand your startup in Asia

10 reasons why the K-Startup Grand Challenge is the best way to expand your startup in Asia

Tuesday May 15, 2018,

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The K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018 can be that fantastic global platform your startup needs by helping you break into the robust Asian market. Here are just 10 of the many compelling reasons why you must consider applying:

Korea can be your gateway to Asia

South Korea is conveniently located in East Asia, between China and Japan, with Hong Kong and Taiwan to the south. Affording you access to over a billion customers, it is a great location for startups looking to expand across Asia.

Korea’s tech game is on point

South Korea has an edge when it comes to high-tech research. It is a leading manufacturer in cutting edge electronics and also one of the biggest consumers of these digital products. It also has the fastest average internet connection in the world. Also, South Korea's highly advanced technology infrastructure allows for quick consumer consumption of new services.

You have access to state-of-the-art R&D labs

The challenge will give you access to world-class prototyping, testing facilities and expert support. The Pangyo Techno Valley is an innovation hub where SMEs and startups can participate in mutual exchange of information with technology research institutes and large, global companies.

There’s a grant of USD 100,000 for the winner

The winner will get a grant of USD 100,000 (110,000,000 KRW), with USD 40,000 (44,000,000 KRW), USD 20,000 (22,000,000 KRW) and USD 6,000 (6,600,000 KRW) for the first, second and third runners up – paid in Korean Won.

Top 40 startups get grants of USD 22,727

The top 40 startups selected will each be eligible for a total funding of $22,727 for settlement in Korea based on performances on the 'Demo Day' and Settlement Evaluation.

You get to work out of a brand new, centrally located startup campus

The Global Startup Campus is strategically located just 14 minutes from Gangnam – Seoul’s thriving, upscale business district, and is a fantastic plug-and-play location to work from.

You get mentorship from some of the world’s leading tech experts

The challenge will give you the chance to be mentored by some of the world’s top tech companies with experience in providing a global platform for startups and SMBs.

You have Korea’s top corporates as partners

From Samsung to Hyundai to LG, the challenge will give you access to Korea’s top firms with expertise ranging from smartphones and software to semiconductors.

Your living expenses will be covered during the programme

Each of the 80 startups in the programme will receive about $11,130 to cover living expenses in equal instalments over 3.5 months

There’s potential for additional investment

Startups will have access to VCs and investors who may choose to invest in them. The programme’s accelerators may make also make equity investments in the most promising startups.

Apply today!

Click here to know more about K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018 and to register. Hurry! Applications close 14th June.