Why sales outsourcing is a good idea for your company

Why sales outsourcing is a good idea for your company

Tuesday August 14, 2018,

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Do you know the majority of times what is responsible for zapping your business into losses? It’s your dawdling and rambling sales function. So what can be done to secure profits and achieve success in sales generation?

Yep, you guessed it – sales outsourcing. It has been observed that in India most businesses generate sales and marketing shifts with in-house solutions. They either employ a dedicated team of sales and marketing professionals or burden the existing employees by asking them to perform multiple roles. However, in both cases, if the acquired team results in inconsistent sales generation, the direct loss bearer is the organization. In such a case, businesses tend to fall silently, despite ongoing efforts.

But with sales outsourcing, this effort can be targeted in the right direction. Sales outsourcing is an excellent medium for companies to attract high volumes of sales for their products and services using a third party. It helps you collaborate with a sales expert who works as an outsourced interlocutor for your company and services.

With the market getting more and more competitive, sales outsourcing can be a proven success weapon for your business. Sales outsourcing has already claimed huge wins in developed economies like Germany, the US, and the UK. But due to lack of benefactor information on this model, Asian countries are still just beginning to grasp the advantages of sales outsourcing. Here’s how sales outsourcing can benefit your business in five ways:

Increased Sales Revenue

When business meets sales and marketing experts, data-driven analysis channels profits into your company’s growth strategy. This, in turn, is the key requirement to attract sales and profits, by reducing the utilization of cost and resources spent on recruiting, training, managing, and retaining competent sales staff.

Earn benefits from a focused sale

Outsourcing sales function to a company which is specialized in driving sales can bring voluminous benefits into an organization. As said above, the outsourcing trend in many developed countries understood the power of engagement of a dedicated sales team. Hence, it can be concluded that a sharply focused sales function is the backbone of revenue generation for any business.

Expand customer reach

We often hear that a data-driven approach is what sales marketing is all about, and it’s very true! Sales outsourcing is not just a third party working on your sales services; instead, it is a model where all the sales parameters are considered under a deliberate vision to deliver the best business. When there’s a data analysis model involved, potential customers get alarmed easily, which could directly affect your revenues.

Reduced cost of sale

Outsourcing brings in a different level of flexibility which can bring cost-cutting benefits to a company without compromising the sales factor. It can be cumbersome sometimes to process the sales team on the bench and to bear all their expenses without promising results. But with sales outsourcing, a direct cut to this approach has been monitored, with favourable results.

Pay for performance

Correct sales outsourcing can prove to be a wise decision for any company. Because it’s all about the trust investment, sales are one of the leading supporting pillars for every business. With sales outsourcing, one can partner with the right sales service provider with whom a more defined and orientated approach to reducing financial risk can be attained. Also, it allows the organization to pay on the basis of sales results scored.

Hence, it can be concluded that sales outsourcing is a specialized medium with which companies can extract sales benefit with a flexible amount of expenditure spend. Because of being cost-friendly and credible, it has been observed as one of the most trending platforms to leverage sales in any business.

Rachit Mathur is the Co-founder and CEO at Avenue Growth, India’s largest Sales-as-a-Service platform.

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