77 artists, 33 countries, 200 works, 20 locations: the inaugural Bangkok Biennale kicks off

77 artists, 33 countries, 200 works, 20 locations: the inaugural Bangkok Biennale kicks off

Saturday November 03, 2018,

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Ever since the Venice Biennale kicked off in 1895, dozens of cities around the world have launched their own mega festivals of art twice a year, for over three months each.

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The inaugural Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) festival kicked off recently, featuring over 77 artists from 33 countries around the world. The combined collection of over 200 works is displayed across 20 locations in Thailand, providing a feast for art lovers, global visibility for artists, and a world of inspiration for visitors, as this photo showcase captures.

Appropriately titled Beyond Bliss, the festival aims to focus on ‘unattainable happiness’ at a time of global political, economic and environmental turmoil. The curatorial and advisory team includes experts from the US, UK, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines. The event includes conferences on art and workshops for children, and will run till 3 February, 2019.

In this photo essay, we feature works displayed at the stunning Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (see our earlier photo essay here). The BAB artistic director is Prof. Apinan Poshyananda, and the senior project coordinator Veeraphut Boonyamanop joins us for an interview in Part II of this photo essay.

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