How building a brand will help your company in the long run

Keeping the audience in mind, being original and conscious of what our competitors are offering, creating a branding strategy, and effective marketing will all help in transforming the company into a popular brand.

How building a brand will help your company in the long run

Friday April 26, 2019,

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“You need to focus on Branding.” “Create brand awareness.” “Google loves brands.”

You might have heard about all this and a lot more in your quest to build a successful brand. But, have you ever wondered how a company becomes a recognizable brand? Well, it never happens overnight, just as the famous saying goes - ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ So, what does it take? It takes branding.

You can still become popular without it, however, it would take a monumental effort. But why would you make something tough if you can do it easily. So, branding is a sure shot path to success and popularity of any company.

We are living in a world where a plethora of brands are vying with each other to gain their target audience’s attention. If you want your audience to notice your products and services among this stiff competition, then you need to stand out from the rest of the players.

However, in order to thrive and make your venture succeed just as you’d imagined, you need to create a strong brand identity that portrays your uniqueness in front of your customers and differentiates you from a flock of sheep.

The secret sauce behind successful branding is a team of professionals who burn the midnight oil and come up with marketing strategies time and again. For an effective brand creation, astute designers, efficient marketers, researchers work wonders by creating a design, symbol, words, or a sign that identifies the product which people can effortlessly correlate with. The term ‘brand’ is not just a visual identity of your company. It has to be a perfect amalgamation of your website design, logo, packaging, online marketing, social media engagement, and so forth.

In this article, you will get to learn about the process of brand creation that is required to transform your company into a popular brand. Let’s take a closer look at the intriguing stages of branding design, which we’ve curated specially for you.

Keep your target audience in mind

First things first, it’s crucial to identify the people who are sure to like the product you’re offering. As there are several categories of customers, you cannot please everyone under the sun by fulfilling their needs and preferences, not to mention it will cost you an arm and a leg.

To make your customers fall in love with your business, the most important thing is to narrow down your focus and pay heed to satiate the wants of those who are most likely to consume your products.

Some of the key factors that determine the persona of a buyer are gender, age, education, lifestyle, and income. Question yourself - who exactly am I trying to reach? Your sole aim is to meet your ideal customers’ demands, and this would happen only when your brand message reaches the intended recipients.

Carry out a competitive research

To carve your own path in the lanes of stiff competition, it’s better to stay original and serve something different to your customers than that of your competitors. Well, it calls for an in-depth competitive research wherein you need to dig out some useful information about the potential competitors and learn from their good or bad experiences.

It doesn’t mean that you have to imitate their strategies, but you must be conscious of the actions they failed and succeeded at. As long as you move through the process, you should understand how your competitors present themselves by using the visual elements, themes, colors, fonts, brand personalities, and so on.

Create a branding strategy

It can make or break your brand. Therefore, a branding strategy has to be devised while keeping the core values of your company in mind, as in what exactly do you stand for and what’s the purpose of your brand. Always remember that it serves as an elaborated plan that clearly defines what you’re trying to accomplish, and ways that can help you achieve your goals without being swayed away by challenges or stumbling blocks that might come your way.

Build your brand’s mission statement

In case many of you don’t really know the essence of having a mission statement, let us explain its importance in simple words. It is no less than a compass to an explorer or a road map to a traveler. When you create the mission of your brand, you’re more likely to take it to a level where your target audience starts trusting your services with all their might. It defines a purpose for your business to exist and conveys what approach you follow to achieve the targets you’ve set for your venture.

Incorporate elements of a powerful brand identity

We appreciate the considerable time and efforts you put into designing a logo. But a logo isn’t just the only visual element that can make your brand recognizable. Typography has equal relevance too. Make sure you give enough thought in designing unique fonts that complement the design of the logo. As fonts also speak for your brand, typography is an element that needs your attention as well.

Besides this, brand mascot also gives a new life to your venture as it helps in strengthening brand Identity. Brands such as Michelin and Google are reaping the rewards of having a popular mascot, which connects with the people. A mascot can be based on animals, characters, people, object or a symbol that can resonate well with the audience.

Design a logo

When we hear the word ‘branding,’ we automatically think of a logo, and visuals hover around our mind. Needless to say, it’s one of the most important ingredients for the recipe called branding as it will be shown on everything related to your business. From business cards, brochures, pamphlets, to billboards, a logo is something that promises to earn a visual identity for your business.

This timeless mark is the first thing that customers see, thus make it as unique as possible. McDonald’s is one of the best examples which has an amazing logo. It has become so popular that a yellow ‘M’ has become synonymous with the brand itself.

Expand your brand with social media & content marketing

Most of us hold the misconception that a brand is just about visual identity or logo. Well, it’s definitely more than that. Social media marketing is something that you can totally vouch for when it comes to strengthening relationships with your customers. You have to include social media platforms in your branding strategy to reach your target audience as they are very likely to be found there.

By making effective use of social media campaigns and riveting posts, you can create brand recall. Brands such as Reebok, Nike, and Adidas come to your mind whenever you think of buying a pair of shoes and it can be credited to the way these brands have involved social media to keep reminding the audience of their presence through various posts and ad campaigns.

Final thoughts

These were the significant stages of branding design that can make your brand grow by leaps and bounds. However, your method of branding could be different. While Google has established itself as a friend to the users, Apple has positioned itself as an expert.

Both are tech companies, but they have different branding strategy providing them effective results. So, it’s important to keep the above points in mind however the way you shape your brand depends on you. If something else works out for your brand, nothing else matters. Good luck!

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)