How Analyttica Datalab offers a man-machine analytics and AI ecosystem to help organisations drive sustainable business impact

How Analyttica Datalab offers a man-machine analytics and AI ecosystem to help organisations drive sustainable business impact

Monday September 09, 2019,

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Analyttica Datalab is a technology-enabled analytical solutions company that drives business impact through a strong focus on its customers. The company offers an optimal man-machine blend of solutions that combine analytical expertise and technology and can repeatably be used by enterprises at significantly lower cost.

The company was founded by Rajeev Baphna, a veteran in the data and technology space, having worked with Citigroup for 16 years. Analyttica is basically around platforms, tools, technologies, and people. There are certain challenges in the tech ecosystem in relation to tools, technology and people, which led to Analyttica being founded. The first challenge is when you look at Big Data, AI and ML, there’s no holistic way to be able to define a business problem, solve it, extract the solution and run it at scale in a business. These components are addressed by 10-15 different tools and technologies. The second challenge is the ability for a business’s ROI to be visible right away. And the third challenge is talent, as the way people use these technologies and tools are still very process-oriented, and the ability to apply in a business context is still left to a human being. Analyttica was formed to be able to create solutions to these problems. They have also patented their approach in the United States.

The organisation has two primary products they take pride in. These products are built around the ‘learn, apply, and solve’ concepts. Analyttica TreasureHunt® (ATH) SimuLab is used by enterprises to create a long-term and sustainable data culture. Analyttica TreasureHunt® (ATH) Precision creates value in terms of solving the business problems highly rapidly and with 100 percent accuracy.

The ATH SimuLab product helps organisations scale and become AI-ready faster. It's not restrictive in nature. The learners or the talent focuses on applying themselves contextually within an environment that simulates real life scenarios and do not need to be distracted by the coding aspects while doing so.

With ATH Precision, they are trying to develop a holistic analytical ecosystem for organisations, where they can connect to their data and different applications and contextualise their business problems, instead of just randomly running some AI or ML algorithms. As a team, they can collaborate and are able to solve the problems. They can institutionalise their learning and the experiences they gain along the way.

The organisation believes that you need to have a strong blend of subject matter expertise, business analytics exposure and technology, as well as a culture that fosters collaboration.

Their workplace has an agile design, so that everybody is accessible to each other all the time and they frequently huddle together to solve problems.

Developing the product was not a cakewalk for them initially on a technology perspective, but things slowly improved. They base ATH as a set of microservices and they have Docker-based deployment. They’ve also leveraged a lot of mature open source libraries and tools. The incremental and iterative approach helped the team to accelerate their learning faster.

The hierarchy at Analyttica is pretty flat and stands apart from other data and analytics companies. Most of their employees previously worked in bigger organisations with expansive processes, which also came with silos and boundaries. At Analyttica, those boundaries don’t exist, and individuals get exposure to diverse fields. They follow the vision to learn, apply and solve internally as well. Almost all meetings are an open door. Those who are hungry to learn and grow are given access to more challenges that they can help solve. Even amidst all the impactful work they do, Analyttica is able to maintain a fun-loving atmosphere, with games and potlucks, and the team is like a large family.