YouTube funds 8 learning creators from India, to develop 'high-quality' content

YouTube will provide resources, mentorship, and funding to these creators in English, Hindi, and other local Indian languages. The platform has also introduced Learning Playlists to create a dedicated learning environment.

YouTube funds 8 learning creators from India, to develop 'high-quality' content

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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YouTube India today announced that it has invested in a bunch of homegrown learning creators in a bid to expand the learning community on its platform.

These creators produce learning videos of all kinds, from how to make a robot and how to start training for a marathon, to maths, science lessons, and even dance tutorials.

The eight learning creators YouTube has funded are: Let’s Make Engineering Simple, ExamFear Education Hindi, Study IQ Education, Learn Engineering, Don’t Memorise, D’art of Science, Learnex – English Lessons Through Hindi, and GetSetFlySCIENCE.

YouTube will provide "more resources, mentorship, and funding" to these creators to "develop high-quality learning content".

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Satya Raghavan, Director Content Partnerships, YouTube in India, wrote on the official blog,

"This fund is supporting the development of high-quality learning content, covering topics like English language training, environmental science, political science, calculus, genetics, chemistry in English, Hindi, and Tamil. Some of the work of these creators have already been made available online, and there is lots of exciting content in the pipeline."

YouTube revealed that its video library was emerging as the "largest supplementary learning platform" in India, with learning videos generating hundreds of millions of views on the platform everyday. These videos attract not only urban users, but is attracting "incredible viewership" from Tier II and III cities.

YouTube currently reaches over 265 million monthly active users in India, its largest market in the world.

The platform touches more than 80 percent of the country's internet population. "There is an incredible demand for content across different topics in local Indian languages like Government and Public Service entrance exams, English language tutorials, engaging educational content on science and maths, and even unique content such as farming, photography, cricket, and even financial literacy," Raghavan added.

To provide a dedicated learning environment to users, YouTube India recently rolled out Learning Playlists.

These playlists come with new organisational features that provide more structure to learning lessons. It allows creators to divide a collection of videos into chapters around key concepts, starting from beginner to more advanced levels.

Ten of these playlists are from India, offering a range of academic topics in English and Hindi. These include chemistry, calculus, and political science, to building English vocabulary and pronunciation lessons. "More playlists coming soon," YouTube said.