Looking to incorporate your company in the US? Firstbase.io can help you get there easily

Looking to incorporate your company in the US? Firstbase.io can help you get there easily

Tuesday November 24, 2020,

5 min Read

Are you looking to expand your business beyond the shores of India? Are you considering incorporating a company in the U.S.? Smart decision indeed! Setting up a company in the US is the first step towards creating a successful global brand. Moreover, you get access to the best payment providers, contracts with other American companies, US investors and US accelerators. It is also tax-efficient if your project is generating any revenue from the US. That’s not all. Setting up a company in the US also makes it easy to obtain a visa or permanent residency if you’re looking to make America your home.

That being said, most entrepreneurs are befuddled with many questions such as - What does the incorporation process entail? Do I go for an LLC or C Corporation? What documents should I maintain? Do I need to file a tax form?

Identifying this problem, Firstbase.io, a remote-first global company, is helping founders from all over the world to easily launch a US-based business and get access to the greatest startup ecosystem in the world.

Incorporate from anywhere, in a few days

Firstbase.io’s powerful platform enables entrepreneurs to grow and access the most powerful startup ecosystem in the world with ease.

"It’s challenging for technology companies to become successful on a global scale. Establishing a US entity allows them access to the best startup ecosystem in the world. I went through this myself as a founder, and I wanted to make it easier for other people," says Mark Milastsivy, Founder & CEO, Firstbase.io.

Firstbase.io serves customers from all over the world who want to form a US entity. However, they also specialise in non-US founders who find it harder to handle all of the details involved with forming a US company, remotely. Till date, they have supported founders in over 140 countries in incorporating their businesses in the US.

A plethora of services to make the move seamless

With Firstbase.io, you have the option to form either an LLC or C Corporation in Delaware or Wyoming. When deciding between both, consider how you intend to structure the leadership of your business, your fundraising and hiring goals, your growth strategy and overall goals.

Explore if you should go for an LLC or a C Corporation.

Firstbase.io provides an all-in-one platform that allows you to easily incorporate in the US from the comfort of your own homes. It only takes five minutes to file and Firstbase.io takes care of the rest. Their services include the following:

  • Free US business bank account: Quickly set up a US business bank account through their partner, Mercury Bank. As a Firstbase.io customer, you get a $500 bonus when you spend $10k. The bank is FDIC insured with no minimums or fees. Also, free corporate cards are available.
  • US address setup: To incorporate, you need an address, and they will set it up for you.
  • Employer Identification Number - EIN (Tax ID): You don't need a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to get your EIN.
  • Free expert tax and legal consultations: Get connected with experts in foreign-owned US entities who will set you on the right course and help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Post-incorporation legal documents: They manually prepare documents such as operating agreements, post-incorporation documents, stock certificates, bylaws, and more.
  • Business name availability search: They check availability of business names and help you find the right one if it’s not available.
  • Free registered agent for 1 year: Registered agents can cost over $125/year with most services. With Firstbase.io, the first year is free.
  • $20,000 in startup rewards: Through the Firstbase.io Network ©, you receive over $20,000 in exclusive offers from blue-chip companies such as AWS, Brex, Gusto, G Suite, and more.
  • Expert lifetime support: Firstbase.io members are located around the world and provide support in five languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian.

Why should you choose Firstbase.io?

While there are other similar competitors in the marketplace, what makes Firstbase.io stand out among the competition is that they focus on foreign-owned founders who typically have a hard time setting up the necessary pieces from other countries. Also, all costs are included in their platform, so that there are no hidden surprises for customers.

In the current pandemic-gripped situation, where people are reluctant to set up a company in another country, let alone travel to another country, Firstbase.io makes the process seamless.

Founders don’t need to visit the United States to create an entity or even to set up a bank account or get a US Address. They handle all these details as part of their one-time service fee of $399.

What's more? As part of their holiday special offer, Firstbase.io is granting a discount of $20 on their service from today till December 31, 2020. To avail the offer, use code YourStory20.

So, if incorporating a company in the US is on top of your mind, get started with Firstbase.io today.