Lucideus unveils 'SAFE Me' app for cybersecurity

The app will not ask for permissions to device features, and leverages Lucideus' proprietary 'breach likelihood scoring algorithm', built as joint research with MIT.

Lucideus unveils 'SAFE Me' app for cybersecurity

Thursday December 03, 2020,

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Cybersecurity firm Lucideus on Wednesday announced the launch of 'SAFE Me' app that will provide users with insights on aspects like security and their exposure on the dark web.

The app will not ask for permissions to device features, and leverages Lucideus' proprietary 'breach likelihood scoring algorithm', built as joint research with MIT.

Apart from the 'Basic' version for consumers (which is free), Lucideus will also offer 'Enterprise' and 'Platinum' versions of the app to suit the diverse range of business-level cybersecurity needs.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the system provides individuals with a cyber risk (or breach likelihood) score on a scale of zero to five, based on a combination of factors including device security, exposure on the deep and dark web and cybersecurity awareness among others, Lucideus CEO Saket Modi said.

"Lucideus' SAFE Me is designed to evolve the archaic way of managing human-related cyber risks into a mobile-first, unified cybersecurity experience personalised for every individual. SAFE Me gamifies the experience, making cybersecurity easily accessible for consumers so they can understand their risk posture and take steps to improve," he added.

Beyond consumers, SAFE Me also empowers enterprises and executives to manage cyber risk proactively and objectively by offering a unique view into the organisation's risk posture, helping businesses prepare for and get ahead of threats.

"The average consumer is tech-savvy to a point, but cybersecurity is perhaps their weakest area of expertise. They can accurately report battery life percentage and share gigabytes of data usage, but if you ask them to quantify or even describe their cyber risk, the vast majority wouldn't know where to find the answer," Modi said.

He added that SAFE Me is designed to help users re-engineer their cyber consciousness.

"We've designed a solution that empowers consumers to easily monitor and understand their cyber risk across all their devices and the digital platforms they frequent, such as Google, Twitter or Facebook, in real-time. By curating a digital, gamified, easy-to-understand, and mobile-first experience, SAFE Me equips consumers with the know-how needed in today's digital environment," he said.
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The Enterprise version is priced at $36 per employee annually, while the Platinum version, targeted at high-profile executives, would be available at $10,000 per year.

The app also includes 'courses' that include short videos on safe practices to follow while using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn as well as precautions to take against email and SMS scams. This is followed by a quiz based on the course that can be taken by the users.

Enterprises can monitor the performance of employees in these courses and work towards enhancing awareness on cyber security-related issues in the organisation.

Lucideus was incubated from IIT Bombay and is headquartered in Palo Alto with a team of more than 200 employees.

It has raised $14 million in funding from investors including John Chambers and senior executives from SoftBank, Sequoia, PayPal, Adobe and McKinsey & Co.