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Meet the 19 innovative startups graduating from the Chiratae Ventures Innovators Program 7.0

Meet the 19 innovative startups graduating from the Chiratae Ventures Innovators Program 7.0

Tuesday December 22, 2020,

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In October this year, Chiratae Ventures launched the seventh edition of its Innovators Program, India's longest-running seed-initiative. The five-week foundational programme enables seed and early-stage founders to fast-track their growth journey through mentorship, customer connects, access to capital, and more.

Since inception, the fund has invested over $125 million in 50 seed investments including companies such as Uniphore, NestAway, PlaySimple, Rentomojo, Unbxd, and CloudCherry (acquired by Cisco), that have collectively raised over $500 million and are valued at over $1 billion.

The seventh edition witnessed engagement with 500+ homegrown startups from a wide range of industries including Consumer Tech, Software, Health Tech, FinTech, and Deep Tech. The program commenced on November 6th, 2020 and culminated with Demo Days on December 11th & 12th, 2020.

Sudhir Sethi, Founder and Chairman, Chiratae Ventures said, “Our Innovators Program is rooted in our commitment towards strengthening our homegrown startup ecosystem. We are happy to have received a large number of applications this year. It is truly inspiring to witness the grit and determination of founders who are working towards scaling innovative solutions that aim to shift paradigms and create real value. We are thrilled to partner with these startups in their entrepreneurial journey and support their endeavours through the programme and with support from our corporate partners like AWS, Cisco and Japanese corporations.”

Here are the 19 startups from different sectors selected through the program.

Consumer Tech:

  1. AyuRythm - Founded by Ramanath Padmanabhan, Abhilesh Gupta, and Sandeep Acharya, AyuRythm is a digital platform for personalised holistic wellness based on Ayurvedic assessment. It provides pulse diagnostic tests and questionnaires to give personalised recommendations on yoga, meditation, breathing exercise, and food.
  2. Inspektlabs - Inspektlabs is a computer vision technology platform focused on automation of inspections of any physical asset using photos and videos. Founded by Devesh Trivedi, its current focus is on automating car inspections for automotive and insurance players.
  3. Quollab - Shrikant Shelke and Arun Subramanium founded Quollab as a mentor skilling platform for college students to collaborate with industry professionals and upskill in learn-by-doing environments.
  4. Euphotic Labs Pvt Ltd (Nosh) - Yatin Varachhia started Euphotic Labs as a B2C automated cooking solution where you can loan the ingredients, and the device will cook the meal, all of which can be remotely monitored.


  1. Whrrl - Founded by Ashish Anand & Abhishek Bhattacharya, Whrrl is a blockchain platform for asset-backed lending. It is the first application of Blockchain in agri-finance globally, launched with Warehouse Receipt Finance as the first product.
  2. Escrowpay - Escrowpay is an open architecture platform founded by Ashwin Chawwla & Subhrangshu Neogi, that provides a smart digital escrow-centred ecosystem of payments.
  3. Insurance Samadhan- Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal, Shilpa Arora, Shailesh Kumar and Sanjay Aggarwal started Insurance Samadhan as a tech platform for resolving insurance complaints and claims in life, health, and general Insurance. It leverages the AI-based proprietary filtration process which selects genuine complaints/claims and represents factual information with the insurer.
  4. Ark Neo Finance - Ark Neo Finance is a platform started by C.R. Chandrasekar that provides loans against mutual funds, ULIP Insurance, shares and gold.
  5. Chainflux - Founded by Abhinav Ramesh and Amit Maurya, Chainflux’s Shine is a SaaS platform providing Blockchain-based traceability solution that enables any supply chain to easily incorporate source verification and product quality metrics.


  1. Vogueme Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( - Started by Vinayak Srivastav, Saket Dandotia and Alok Patil, is an AI-enabled cloud-agnostic platform that processes content and auto-meta tags it to create a pool of metadata, generating key moments and highlights, thereby helping monetise video content in real-time.
  2. CodeTest Pvt. Ltd. - CodeTest is an end-to-end test automation suite founded by Harshal Kherde and Subrata Biswas for enterprises to test their enterprise applications more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  3. Physarum - Gaurav Aithmia started Physarum as a no-code platform for creation, collaboration, deployment and complete lifecycle management of AI applications.
  4. Vyorius Drones LLP - Vyorius, founded by Nishant Singh Rana, is an AI-enabled universal plug-and-play architecture for digitising unmanned robotic systems.

Health Tech:

  1. Zealthy- Monika Mehta and Dheeraj Mundhra founded Zealth. Their digital remote patient monitoring platform (CareShare), powered by AI, reduces burdens of hospitals by providing continuous, personalised, and predictive care with real-time alerts to doctors when a patient is at high risk.
  2. - Started by Ankit Malhotra, is an anonymous peer-to-peer platform for people undergoing mental stress with the intelligent matching of peers on the platform for finding the right support, and connecting high-stress users to trained listeners and professionals for expert advice.
  3. Ai Health Highway India Private Limited (AiSteth) - Dr (Maj) Satish S Jeevannavar founded AiSteth, a smart stethoscope to screen, detect and predict cardio-respiratory disorders.

Deep Tech:

  1. Rightbot Private Limited - Anurag Dutta and Abhinav Warrier started Rightbot as an AI-driven robotics platform for warehouse automation.
  2. Retail Pulse - Founded by Zaraif Hossain and Anshul Gupta, Retail Pulse provides AI-powered retail shelf insights for Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) from mom-and-pop stores through smartphone images taken by CPG’s sales reps.
  3. Mowito - Started by Puru Rastogi and Adityanag Nagesh, Mowito is a plug-and-play software platform to make your robots fully self-driving, without the use of markers or beacons.