The 21-year journey of a MakeMyTrip intern

Jasmeet Singh hadn't even reached adulthood when he joined MakeMyTrip — a little known travel booking company back then — as an intern in 2000.

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The 21-year journey of a MakeMyTrip intern

Tuesday March 09, 2021,

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It's never too early to start up. 

Jasmeet Singh hadn't even reached adulthood when he joined MakeMyTrip— a little known travel booking company back then — as an intern in 2000. 

MMT Jasmeet Singh

Despite pressures from his family to earn a college education, Jasmeet didn't give up, and went on to work long nights as a database operator at MMT.  Soon, he would find himself taking up leadership roles at the firm, which became one of India’s earliest internet majors. Twenty-one years later, Jasmeet now serves as the Senior Vice President of MMT, and — along the way — has built his dream house, and bought his dream car (a BMW 3 Series M Sport). 

makemytrip listing

Jassi was part of the group that attended MakeMytrip's Nasdaq-listing ceremony in New York City.

MakeMyTrip Founder Deep Kalra often says that the company is not enamoured by just degrees. Jasmeet Singh has been a great example of that.

The Interview

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Techie Tuesday - Sathvik Vishwanath

Sathvik Vishwanath

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Grahaa Space Snapshot

Illustration: YS Design

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