Zomato delists delivery partner after Bengaluru customer accuses him of punching her

A Bengaluru-based content creator has alleged that she was punched by a Zomato delivery partner, following an argument over a delay in delivery.

Zomato delists delivery partner after Bengaluru customer accuses him of punching her

Thursday March 11, 2021,

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For over a day, an Instagram video of a Bengaluru-based video content creator has been doing the rounds. The video shows a shaken woman with a bloody nose, alleging that a Zomatodelivery executive assaulted her for not accepting a delayed order.

In the video, the customer alleges that her order was significantly delayed and that the delivery executive got verbally abusive with her while she was discussing the possibility of cancelling her order or getting a refund with the Zomato customer service team. She alleged that the executive then forced his way into her home, took the package, and punched her on her nose.

The case has currently been handed over to the authorities.

In an official statement, Zomato said: "We deeply regret the incident that happened between the customer and the delivery partner in Bengaluru. We can assure you this is not the experience our delivery universe upholds. The case is currently under investigation by the police. We have extended our full support to help resolve this, with our team on ground being on top of it."

The statement added that the team spoke with the customer as soon as they got the escalation and has offered her complete support. "We're in constant touch with her," said the statement, adding that the delivery partner had been suspended from the platform, pending investigation.

"Our team has been with him throughout and we will ensure due process is followed. Again, we can't emphasise how much we regret this incident. We are taking all necessary actions to prevent such incidents from happening in future."

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