The role of India’s corporate VC firms

At YourStory’s Investor Summit, panellists discussed the various nuances of the nascent corporate venture firms in India and how startup founders can better engage with them.

The role of India’s corporate VC firms

Sunday April 04, 2021,

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India has one of the world’s fastest-growing startup ecosystems. This rise is in step with the expansion of the country’s capital pool fuelled by corporate venture capital firms.

Though the community of corporate venture capital firms in India is small, the role they play is an important one. At YourStory’s Investor Summit 2021, Square Yards CEO Tanuj Shori said that startups can learn a lot from corporate VC firms as they have decades of experience in running businesses.

Investor Summit

Swapna Gupta, Director, Qualcomm Ventures, pointed out that the investments coming out of corporate VC firms are largely driven by new technologies. 

Anup Jain, Managing Partner at Orios Venture Partners, said that because corporate VC firms are in a nascent stage, there is a dearth of information among startups. 

“They need to create that awareness and make their presence felt,” he added.

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The Interview

Building a successful team takes time and effort. While skills can be worked on, team members need to care about their roles in the team. According to Viral Mehta, VP of Engineering at Pocket Aces, team members should care about the product, push to excel themselves, and care about their own craft.

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April Dunford, Founder of Toronto-based Ambient Strategy, has launched 16 successful products and has previously worked with many companies as the CEO, COO, and VP of Marketing. In her book Obviously Awesome – How to Stand out in Noisy Crowded Markets, she explains the essence of building a product is to find a feature that stands out and then gradually build on that.

April Dunford, Prime VP

Startup Spotlight

Software platform that animates images using deep-tech

With most of us working from home, video calls and conferences have become a part of our daily lives. Innovating with video chat and live streaming, Issay Yoshida founded EmbodyME in 2016. Its software application 'xpression' enables users to animate anyone in an image or video in real-time, according to their facial expressions, voice, and body movements. Read more.


Issay Yoshida

News & Updates

  • Gaming and sports media platform Nazara Technologies debuted on NSE and BSE, with the company's shares listing at 81 percent premium over the issue price. With this listing, investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's stakeholding went up to Rs 656 crore at the listing.

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“There is a lot of cross learning with closer synergies between corporate VC firms and startups. What we need today is smart capital rather than just capital.”

Swapna Gupta, Director, Qualcomm Ventures

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