Startups fight COVID-19: Pune-based Inspacco is providing disinfection services during the pandemic

Founded in 2019, Pune-based service tech startup Inspacco launched disinfection services to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Startups fight COVID-19: Pune-based Inspacco is providing disinfection services during the pandemic

Wednesday May 19, 2021,

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COVID-19 second wave continues to wreak havoc across the country. It is crucial for us to take every possible step to keep ourselves safe from infection. We need to make maintaining social distance, staying at home, wearing masks, and using sanitisers a part of our daily life.

Amid the pandemic, the country also saw a sharp rise in demand for surface sanitisation services in order to keep homes, offices, and public places disinfected and safe.

Sanitisation services, Inspacco

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Pune-based Inspacco is providing a solution to this problem. Founded in 2019 by IIM alumnus Sanket Nerkar and Paresh Kotkar, Inspacco is a service tech startup that helps in streamlining housing society operations. It offers maintenance services such as housekeeping, electricals, surveillance, and pest control, among others, to gated communities. 

After the pandemic broke out, the startup began providing sanitisation services to residential, commercial, and industrial properties using VIREX || 256  disinfectant.

Sanket explains the disinfectant has been found to work against human coronavirus strains along with several other harmful viruses and bacteria, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

“We created an ecosystem by joining hands with members from Indian Pest Control Association, who provided us with the technicians for offering the sanitisation services. We also partnered with disinfectant manufacturer Diversey for getting access to their VIREX || 256 disinfectant. They also helped us learn about how to use and handle the product,” Sanket tells YourStory.

End-to-end disinfection solution

Sanket explains the disinfectant can be sprayed in hospital areas, homes, shops, offices, etc., and people are required to leave the premises during the disinfection process.

The disinfectant after spraying is left for 30 minutes to settle and capture the microorganisms. Post this, regular mopping is done to wash out all the harmful microbes.

“Once the entire process is done, residents/employees are allowed in only after 30 minutes and are advised to keep all their windows open for proper ventilation,” he adds.

Started from Pune, the sanitisation service is now available across 24 states and in almost 300 cities across the country. The founder explains that the sanitisation charges depend on the size of the area.

“We have sanitised over 10,000 clinics and over 2,000 banks since last year. We count India’s all major banks such as Central Bank of India, SBI, Reserve Bank of India, and NABARD as our clients,” he adds.

The co-founder adds that the startup has received requests from its users for getting oxygen concentrators, medicines, etc., and the startup has in some instances connected the users with reliable service providers. Therefore, it is considering to continue these services whenever needed.

Edited by Megha Reddy