‘Mass vaccination is India's top-most and urgent priority now’ – 20 quotes from India’s COVID-19 struggle

In this compilation, we present thought-provoking quotes from the week of June 21-27 that frame India’s battle with the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Mass vaccination is India's top-most and urgent priority now’ – 20 quotes from India’s COVID-19 struggle

Tuesday June 29, 2021,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. This special series of compilations focuses on India’s COVID-19 struggle (see last week’s post here). Share these quotes and excerpts with your networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

COVID-19 vaccination is going to go on for a while; it's not something we will overcome this year or next, so immunisation will go on. - Mayur Shetty, Blackfrog

Rural India continues to struggle in coping with the pandemic, and is now also struggling with vaccine registrations. - Sonu Sood, COVREG

Mass vaccination is India's top-most and urgent priority now. It is the most reliable way out of this crisis. - Nita Ambani, Reliance Foundation

The disruption to essential services for people with TB is just one tragic example of the ways the pandemic is disproportionately affecting some of the world's poorest people, who were already at higher risk for TB. - Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO

During the pandemic, it has been quite a challenge to provide consistency, predictability, and safety day-after-day in the lives of the underserved children, especially in terms of nutrition, education, and other things that safeguard them. - Sudarshan Suchi, Save the Children

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have shifted their focus towards herbal and Ayurvedic products that can promote holistic wellbeing. - Sanchit Garg, Green Cure

India significantly lags behind its peers in the usage and adoption of personal and disposable hygiene products, a stark difference, which was further accentuated with the devastating impact of the pandemic. - Amit Varma, Quadria Capital

The pandemic has exposed how pathetic India’s patient transport system is. It has also introduced a new category [of] COVID transport ambulances. - Prabhdeep Singh, StanPlus

According to studies, about 16.7 percent of COVID-19 patients can go into arrhythmia and such patients will need defibrillator support. - Ashish Gawade, Jeevtronics


The post-lockdown economy has highlighted the value of home chefs within one’s vicinity. - Abhijeet Pai, 9Unicorns

The best insurance against future storms is to build resilience and innovation in our DNA and to decrease the idea-to-market cycle time for innovators and entrepreneurs. - Ajay Batra, Wadhwani Foundation

The hybrid work model has hit the ground running and is here to stay. However, they are not one-size-fits-all but need to mirror the organisations’ needs. - Sparsh Khandelwal, Stylework

In the new normal of plummeting demand and customers moving online, upskilling could enable SMBs to turn the dynamic environment in their favour. - Harsh Pokharna, OkCredit

Drone delivery is the future of logistics. - SpiceXpress and Delhivery

The pandemic has exposed certain [logistics] constraints and issues that we have to deal with now. - Rajkumar S, Sequel logistics


In the early days of ecommerce, it was primarily the subsidies that got consumers excited; buying the same thing for cheaper prices. COVID-19 changed that. - Ananth Narayanan, Mensa Brands

While online/digital property search and property listings were popular even before COVID, these have now emerged as ‘necessity’ or ‘must-do’ activities, in the absence of alternative options. - Abhishek Jindal, OwnersTown

Businesses need to understand that to combat the effects of the pandemic, they need digital support. - Rahul Raj, FloBiz

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting global business operations, open banking-based products have multiplied since 2020. - Vinay Kalantri, QPS

The use of digital technologies such as websites, digital payments, and ecommerce have helped small businesses cope with social distancing measures and ensure business continuity. - Manish Dalal, Bluehost India

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