How SaaS delivery platform Pickrr plans to expand and innovate amid the pandemic

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Daily Dispatch, Rhitiman Majumder, Co-founder and CEO, Pickrr shares valuable insights into the journey of the company throughout the pandemic and discusses its plans of innovation and expansion.

Tuesday July 06, 2021,

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Founded in 2015, Pickrr saw a shift in demand before and after the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Before the first wave of the pandemic, the end-to-end SaaS-based logistics and shipping company for ecommerce platforms saw users mostly ordering electronics. However, afterwards, the beauty and health categories had started gaining traction due to people becoming more cognizant of their health.

The company also saw a boost in the number of people ordering from kirana stores.

“Customers have started ordering from the nearby kirana stores. That is the new wave of ecommerce players,” says Rhitiman Majumder, Co-founder and CEO, Pickrr in a conversation on YourStory’s Daily Dispatch.

Navigating the lockdowns

According to Rhitiman, the last couple of months have been very exciting and challenging for Pickrr. The company has seen 2x growth in terms of order volume. The company is expecting a stabilised growth of around 3.5-4x in terms of revenue in FY22. In addition to that, it is expecting to reach a revenue target of Rs 400-450 crore by the end of this financial year.

However, while the nationwide lockdown came as a shock, the people and the brands were better prepared for the second wave. Pickrr was also better prepared in terms of logistics to face the second bout of lockdowns.

In the following phase, when the situation started to pick up, Pickrr, being a SaaS player, started predicting certain outcomes for big and small brands, for instance, the northeast being under lockdown.

“The logistics infrastructure is much more well-prepared to deal with the lockdown. Even if the third wave hits, we will be prepared,” says Rhitiman.
Product Roadmap - Pickrr Technologies

The Founders of Pickrr Technologies

Helping brands deliver products

Rhitiman mentions that Pickrr has 75,000 sellers on their platforms, including big brands like Emami or OZiva, and even small Instagram/Facebook sellers. There is no fixed set of customers on the platform, and the set keeps changing in terms of the orders.

Rhitiman says that Pickrr helps brands re-route their logistics and efficiently deliver their products. In case the products are not deliverable, the brand informs the same to the clients, thereby improving the customer experience altogether.

The company had raised funds last year and utilised them towards expanding their warehousing segment, i.e, the fulfilment segment, shares Rhitiman. Pickrr currently has four to five warehouses, and aims to open more warehouses by the end of this year. The brands can have a seamless delivery experience using the platform as Pickrr’s delivery network is managed through technology, as opposed to the traditional manual delivery system.


Team Pickrr

“The brands will just have to place, for example, 100 orders and automatically, those 100 orders will be distributed to our warehousing centres. Customers can select one to two days delivery option, just like at Amazon,” says Rhitiman.

Rhitiman concludes by saying that Pickrr is also working towards meeting the working capital requirement and is coming up with custom maps for the kirana stores. In addition to that, the company has launched its app in 10+ languages to meet the needs of people from across the country.

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