This Gurugram-based cosmeceutical brand aims to fix all your skincare woes with dermatologically-approved products

 This Gurugram-based cosmeceutical brand aims to fix all your skincare woes with dermatologically-approved products

Thursday September 23, 2021,

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Skin is like the treasure you have achieved by birth, and to be blessed with good skin is like hitting a jackpot. Irrespective of the texture, your skin needs proper care, nourishment, also treatment at times. But, here comes the catch while opting for skincare products. With such a wide variant of names, whom do you trust for satisfying the exact requirements of the skin?

While fixing the skin damage, it’s best to think of products which are safe, sustainable, and cruelty-free. With the vision of making your skin healthy, the dermatologist-approved products from Fixderma Cosmetic Laboratories (FCL) have been scientifically proven for skin improvement and crafted with elegant formulations at its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit spread over 55,000 square feet in Neemrana, Rajasthan.

The beginning

In the last 12 years, Gurugram-based Fixderma has created prominence in the skincare industry with its cosmetics. To delve deeper into the concept, physicians and skincare professionals have defined cosmeceuticals as the cutting-edge products between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals whose active ingredients are mostly clinically-proven to enhance skincare efficacy.

Proceeding with the idea of formulating advanced skincare technology backed by science, The venture is the brainchild of visionary Anurag Mehrotra, Chairman of Fixderma Group, who not only proposed the formation of an integrated company but also forayed into the path of developing new markets and finance, based on his vast experience.

Formulating the path of success was easier with the extensive support of Shaily Mehrotra, CEO & Founder of Fixderma Group. Her interpersonal skills coupled with an in-depth industry knowledge ensured relentless success for the organisation.

Currently exporting to more than 35 countries, both the Fixderma and FCL line of skincare presents transformational products to nourish and fall in love with your skin at every step of the skincare journey.


Dermatologically-approved products

Moving around the principles of Prevent, Protect, and Correct, the products by FCL aim at fixing all your skincare woes starting from acne to sun protection, and even anti-aging procedures, catering to the needs of various skin textures like dry/oily/combination skin care conditions, etc.

The FCL products are developed in a way that suits every individual, irrespective of their age and skin type. The products are carefully curated, based on their expertise in skin biology, and specialisation in dermatology. The FCL products, which are clinically tested while working along with healthcare professionals, dermatologists, and laser clinics, are designed to preserve healthy skin and emit tailored responses meant for every dysfunction.

Be it reactive skin, dry to atopic skin, or acne-prone skin - products by FCL are easy to use and cater to variants of skin types to strengthen themselves, whatever might be their sensitivity or environment.

What sets the brand apart?

With products backed by science and innovation, FCL has already made a difference in the skincare industry. Also, while choosing ingredients for the products, the use of synthetic dyes and fragrances, mineral oils, and petroleum are cautiously avoided keeping in mind the respect for animals, environment, and human health. The aim is to achieve the best results in professional skincare treatment and daily use using customised ingredients. Thus, the results lead to happier faces with healthy, beautiful, and younger-looking skin.

For instance, the FCL Penta Peel Pads come soaked in a solution made from peeling acids like mandelic acid, phytic acid, lactic acid, multifruit AHAs, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid. Mild enough to suit all skin types, it’s best to use this twice a week to get the maximum depigmenting benefits.

Or, the FCL HA4 PLUS Serum made up of hyaluronic acids of different molecular sizes to nourish the different parts of the skin. This premium serum enhances the skin moisture content beyond comparison. The light weight serum works well on major skin imperfections like fine lines, expression wrinkles, dehydrated and saggy skin.

Thus, to get the best results rooted in science, treat your skin with the goodness of FCL products, and witness the glow it deserves.

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