Lenskart aims to create over 2,000 micro-entrepreneurs in Tier-II cities by 2022

The omnichannel eyewear retailer unicorn, Lenskart, now aims to create micro-entrepreneurs through its Home-Try-On (HTO) business. It already has created over 300 micro-entrepreneurs and now aims to create over 2,000 in the next one year.

Lenskart aims to create over 2,000 micro-entrepreneurs in Tier-II cities by 2022

Tuesday September 14, 2021,

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Omnichannel eyewear retailer unicorn, Lenskart, now aims to create micro-entrepreneurs through its Home-Try-On (HTO) business. The HTO business had witnessed 200 percent growth over the last two years with 300 super-star executives, offering over eight lakh eyeglasses and conducting 10 lakh eye tests across 10 cities every month. The team now aims to create over 2,000 microentrepreneurs in India's Tier-II cities by 2022.

The company is now planning to further expand the HTO business model by incorporating micro-entrepreneurs. Peeyush Bansal, Co-founder and CEO, Lenskart, said HTO is a strong customer service-based model based on Lenskart’s DNA of customer obsession.

Peyush Bansal, Founder, Lenskart

Peyush Bansal, Founder, Lenskart

Under the HTO business model, each Lenskart executive carries a wide selection of 150 top-selling frames on their home visits, enabling customers to choose from a pool of designs at their comfort. Moreover, for recurring customers of HTO, Lenskart says it tries to ensure the same executive becomes a relationship manager and provides solutions on priority, based on previous visits and purchases.

In a conversation with YourStory, Peeyush explains how the company aims to build more micro-entrepreneurs.

YourStory (YS): How many microentrepreneurs have been created so far, and how many more do you intend to create?         

Peyush Bansal (PB): We have approximately 300 partners spread across 10 cities in India. Our aim is to offer the opportunity to many more optometrists across all towns in India. India is known as the 'blind capital of the world' and there are enough opportunities to create over 2,000 micro-entrepreneurs in Tier-II cities by 2022.

YS: What are the average earnings of the partners? 

PB: On average, an optometrist is able to take home an income of Rs 40,000-60,000 per month. On the higher side, some of them who are enterprising and have a large set of loyal customers take home Rs 1 lakh plus as their average earning per month.

YS: What is the Home Try-on vertical? Why was it started and what are its aims? 

PB: Home Try-On (HTO) is Lenskart@Home service where our executives provide eye check-up and frame selection services from the comfort of the customer's home. This is a full-stack service similar to what you get at stores. We started this as part of our omnichannel offering where customers can get service (whether eye check-up or product selection) in the environment that they desire. A customer has the choice to either visit the store, call someone home, or buy online. 


The aim of the offering is to offer world-class eye check-up and service at the comfort of your home.

YS: How does this help micro-entrepreneurs, and help them build livelihoods? 

PB: The micro-entrepreneur model helps optometrists to start on their own. We help them to set up a small-scale mobile unit through Lenskart@Home business where they are able to offer eye check-up and frame trial services. They work as independent entrepreneurs but maintain the similar quality of service that Lenskart provides.

YS: How are they selected and trained? 

PB: The optometrists go through a well-defined selection process. They also get 12- 15 days classroom and field training through our experts on various tools and service levels.

YS: Can you talk about some of them?

PB: There are several examples. Chandan Jha and Rajit Kumar Maurya, our HTO executives who work in south Delhi, were able to buy bikes of their choice within three months of being with the HTO programme.

Sanjay Kumar from south Delhi bought a plot of land six months back ago in Delhi for his family. He has been with HTO for over three years.

Shubhankar Ghosh has also been working in the NOIDA region for Lenskart HTO for over three years. He was able to make a down payment for his car through his HTO incentives, and successfully paid off the EMIs through his monthly incentives as well.

Similarly, Idrees from the Bengaluru HTO team bought a new house, Rajesh from Kolkata is working on building a new house, and Vishwajeet Banerjee from Kolkata is buying a car

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