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How MK Writes is scaling Digital Content business in India with a .in domain

Founded in 2010, Mk Writes India was one of the early movers in the now crowded content writing space.

How MK Writes is scaling Digital Content business in India with a .in domain

Saturday September 25, 2021 , 5 min Read

Years ago, content writing was not considered a mainstream career option. The digital marketing industry had just started to pick up pace in 2010 when Kkanchi Goel and Mudit Goel launched content development company MK Writes.

Kkanchi, who was always passionate about writing, became an early mover in the industry.

“During my school, college, or even initial corporate days, my writing was always appreciated. I was part of the school editorial team. Also, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I decided to venture into the field of writing. I started my research along with working full-time in a job. Back then, I realised there is no organised market for writers. Moreover, the clients in the B2B and B2C segment were finding it difficult to get in touch with content writers. I connected with a few clients and it worked. So, with a laptop, few clients, a small writers team, and a dream to make it big in this industry, I embarked on this journey of entrepreneurship with MK Writes India,” she says.

With several players in the industry now, the challenge for brands lies in finding the agency that would best understand their requirements. “For us at MK Writes India, with the extensive portfolio, we still manage to conveniently get business.

Our clientele includes renowned brands like Whirlpool India, Wave Group, Tata Cliq, IFB, dnata, Industry Buying, Mobiloitte, CollegeDunia. Careers360, Nestle, Tata AIG, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and more,” adds Kkanchi on the increasing competition in the industry.

Website is your first pitch

A website is the face of the company, according to Kkanchi.“The design and the content on the website is the first pitch that you make to a client,” she says.

MK Writes started as a bootstrapped venture with limited resources. To start leveraging the power of the internet, the first website was a basic five-page portal developed by Mudit. “We received a great response from the industry because of the website. Additionally, we listed our business on portals like Justdial, Sulekha and related websites, etc. All the digital leveraging helped us onboard many brands. Also added positive word-of-mouth circulation about our brand.” adds Kkanchi.

She says, ‘Our website analytics have shown promising numbers. We did experience a bit of a slope during the pandemic but still, we had around 382 website visits last month. We received both message and call enquiries from our prospective clients in India. We have converted around 27 clients from them. We are still in communication with other clients. These numbers are encouraging for us.”


Proudly Indian

After completing a considerable time in this business, Kkanchi envisioned the dream of making her startup a multinational company and thus renamed it to MK Writes India. Elaborating on why she took a .in domain, Kkanchi says, “With the name MK Writes India, the .in domain was inevitable. We wanted to be clear with our Indian identity. When we move to other countries, we will have domain extensions of those countries.”

“I am a proud Indian. When a .in domain communicates with international clients, it makes me proud of my roots. It helps me in positioning India in the league of the best business houses present in the world. I feel honoured to be an Indian digital marketer providing services to businesses globally,” adds Kkanchi

The National Internet Exchange for India (NIXI) is helping many businesses across the country to get a .in or .Bharat domain. Businesses of all scales and sizes can avail a .in domain with the help of NIXI. It is cost-effective as compared to a .com domain. Additionally, it can be availed in more than 22 languages for businesses coming from all regions of the country.

Kkanchi says all small businesses must have a website as it is a great tool to widen the business reach.

A global vision

For both Mudit and Kkanchi, business is not just about making money but also empowering individuals by creating ample job opportunities. “I envision MK Writes as a global company. While in India, we create jobs for local talent. Our aim is to do the same when we expand further,” she shares.

On facing competition in the global content market, Kkanchi says, “We believe in collaborations rather than competing with others. We believe in performing better and in only focussing on delivering what our client requires. We adhere to our motto which says - ‘We express you better. 

‘We both focus on ensuring that the graph of the company ascends in terms of profits, employee and client satisfaction. Competition does not matter as we look forward to collaborations. There is no point in being in the business unless and until you are not creating that supporting and healthy ecosystem in your industry. Collaboration is the key to embracing growth for one and all."

The ‘Shaping India Inc's Online Growth’ series chronicles the journeys of startups and SMEs in India and how creating an online presence on the .in or .Bharat domain powered their success stories.