Shell E4 Demo Day: Accelerating technology for a cleaner energy future

 Shell E4 Demo Day: Accelerating technology for a cleaner energy future

Friday September 24, 2021,

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People, communities, economies, livelihoods and even global warming. These may all seem diverse enough, but if you look closer, you’ll see they are all dependent on one factor - reliable, affordable energy. Energy from lower carbon sources is essential to tackle the growing problem of global warming, and as the global population is expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050, clean, innovative energy is the need of the hour.

Today, there isn’t one part of our life untouched by energy. From our car to the device this article is on, energy is powering everything we use. India’s own power sector, one of the most diversified in the world, is also one that is exponentially growing. Back in May 2018, the country ranked fourth out of 25 countries in the Asia Pacific region on an index that measured their overall power. The past few years have seen an increase in demand as well as investment, alongside the government of India’s focus on ‘Power for all’, propelling the sector further towards the spotlight. To keep up with the demands and the ever growing need for innovation, companies are turning towards AI/ML.

Leveraging technology for a cleaner energy future

Today, more and more companies across the globe are leveraging new innovations to drive the ‘Zero Carbon Emissions’ goal by 2050. The advent of AI/ML into the various energy sectors ensures efficient management of operations, production and wastage, making it the need of the hour. Shell is only too aware of the paradigm shift in this sector. For years, Shell has been at the forefront of developing and investing in new technologies that contribute to a better energy future. The team has been focussed on a range of technologies that support advances in AI, be it machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, virtual assistants, autonomous vehicles and robotics.

With a goal to keep innovating and pushing for more development in the sector, Shell has organised a two-day event that provides a platform to ‘industry trailblazers’ who are causing a revolution in the energy sector. Shell E4 Demo Day is the largest Energy Entrepreneurship Conference. It is both a graduation event for Shell E4 Cohort companies and a platform for the Shell E4 companies to showcase themselves to members of the energy startup sector. The event also brings together the biggest leaders, investors and media from the energy ecosystem.

What to expect from Shell E4 Demo Day?

The programme is poised to facilitate collaboration and conversation around valuable energy transitions. Startups with the most innovative solutions will get access to infrastructure, expertise and connections.

The event will have:

  1. Startup pitches: The segment will see the Shell E4 2021 cohort startups and select alumni pitching their solutions and explaining the impact they bring in the ecosystem.
  2. Connections and collaboration: It gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to interact and learn from the biggest names in the industry. Starting with a welcome note by Nitin Prasad, Country Chairman, Shell Companies in India and Harry Brekelmans, Executive Committee Member and Projects and Technology Director, Royal Dutch Shell, the event will cover the topic of ‘Making impact in cleantech’ and then proceed to cover a panel discussion on ‘Energy Transition’.
  3. Question and Answer session: The panel discussion also gives entrepreneurs the chance to ask leaders questions and get answers in real time.

Glimpse of the Shell E4 Digital Track 2021

CogniTensor: After noticing that most organisations face challenges while developing an AI use case due to lack of collaborative platforms, CogniTensor created ‘DeepOptics’, an integrated MLOps providing an automated and standardised development along with deployment in a collaborative workspace.

EmbedSense: The company provides end-to-end IoT sensors, systems and solutions that focus on energy efficiency and productivity enhancement for moulding, stamping and allied industries.

ExactSpace: The company aims to help organisations in power, oil and gas improve asset reliability, reduce the carbon footprint and energy wastage through its energy-focused AI solutions.

Pradjna: Pradjna assesses and evaluates human professional talents through a machine learning platform that integrates appropriate sensors and IoT divides to harvest data for efficient talent management solutions.

SpareIt: The company connects the neighborhood garages to distributors and manufacturers through digital business management solutions for better access, logistics, and digital credit.

XYMA Analytics: XYMA Analytics provides novel ultrasonic sensors and Industrial-IoT solutions to industries using high temperature processes such as refineries, power plants, steel plants and other manufacturing industries.

Planys Technology: Planys provides intelligent, safe, digital and cost-effective solutions through innovations in marine robotics, non-destructive testing and AI-enabled post-inspection platforms in the underwater inspection industry.

OSSUS Bio: OSSUS Bio is a bioenergy company supplying on-demand hydrogen gas to process industries as an alternative to fossil fuels via the OB HydraCel Device.

Zypp Electric: Zypp Electric helps solve pollution issues by making all last-mile deliveries go electric with the right EVs, battery swapping infrastructure, IOT, and AI platform.

igrenEnergi: igrenEnergi offers an intelligent, patented, state-of-the-art battery management system built using advancements in software and hardware to extract higher performance from Lithium-ion batteries.

LogisticsNow: LogisticsNow provides a neutral platform for logistics to organize the logistics industry, optimize operations, time and revenue, focusing on emerging markets with lack of business visibility, utilization and transparency.