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How iDREAMZZS STUDIO is making headway in the video content industry with a .in domain

iDREAMZZS STUDIO is a 20-member startup with a network of freelancers across editing and production departments.

How iDREAMZZS STUDIO is making headway in the video content industry with a .in domain

Monday October 18, 2021 , 4 min Read

There is no doubt that content is king, but what is the king of content? Video content is perhaps set to overtake the written word as video will account for 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022, according to a latest Cisco study. However, the potential of video content was not fully known when Sanket Ghosh and Piyush Bairagi founded iDREAMZZS STUDIO in 2015.

Initially passionate about acting, the two met at Actor Prepares which is actor Anupam Kher's acting school. “It was only when we were working on a short film together as part of an assignment, that we realised that the world of movies is beyond being an actor. We started taking up assignments as VFX editors and freelancers. Recognising the huge potential of the market, we decided to take it up full time and launch iDREAMZZS STUDIO." says Sanket.

The company is a 20-member startup with a network of freelancers across editing and production departments. Piyush describes the decision to start iDREAMZZS as a well-timed one. "With iDREAMZZS, we have had the opportunity to do music videos, corporate videos, pre-post production videos for big industry names like DDB Mudra, BNA talent, Onference and more. What started off as a hobby is now a six-year-old successful business,” he shares.

Digitising the business

Sanket and Piyush decided to take their business online within a year of its launch. “As each client would request us to show our work, we decided that a website would be the best way to showcase our portfolio. An online portal helped us display the wide range of services we were offering such as corporate videos, music videos, pre-post productions, ad-films etc.” adds Sanket.

While selecting the domain name, the founders opted for a .in extension because they wanted to be vocal about the Indian identity. “It helps in reaching out to local brands and instills a sense of pride while working with international clients. Additionally, a .in domain was easily available with our choice of domain name,” says Sanket.

The National Internet Exchange for India (NIXI) is helping many businesses across the country to get a .in or .Bharat domain. Enterprises irrespective of their scale and size can avail a .in domain with the help of NIXI. It is affordable and can be availed in more than 22 languages for businesses coming from all regions of the country.

Market and revenue

But how does iDREAMZZS STUDIO help clients increase their engagement? Sanket says, “We believe in telling stories through our work. Storytelling videos have a better engagement rate than simple product promotion videos. We make music videos as well. Recently we did a music video for Abhijeet Sawant which hit 3M+ views on YouTube.

iDREAMZZS STUDIO clocked a revenue of Rs 25 lakh in FY 2020-21. “Our clients continued to work with us despite the pandemic. Our clientele includes renowned personalities like Abhijeet Sawant, Ronkini Gupta, Luke Kenny and more,” adds Piyush.

Sanket opines that a website shows your commitment to your business. It helps a great deal in closing the deal with brands. “Our focus on the website is even greater than that of other social media platforms. In fact, we have had clients who reached out to us through our website and they continue to work with us. Outreaching and pitching would have been difficult without a website,” shares Sanket.

Elaborating on the advantages of a website, Sanket explains, “It blurs the line between a large and a small organisation. Those who are looking online for video services would not care if it is an established company or a startup, if your work attracts them, they would want to work with you irrespective of other aspects.”

Both Sanket and Piyush aspire to venture into the filmmaking space. “Our ultimate goal is to make Films, Short Films worthy of entering into international film festivals. It will be an honour for us to represent India at a global level.”

The ‘Shaping India Inc's Online Growth’ series chronicles the journeys of startups and SMEs in India and how creating an online presence on the .in or .Bharat domain powered their success stories.