Crisis, opportunity, transformation – 20 quotes on pandemic resilience from TechSparks 2021

From survive to thrive, we present 20 quotes on India’s COVID-19 recovery, from YourStory’s premier TechSparks 2021 conference.

Crisis, opportunity, transformation – 20 quotes on pandemic resilience from TechSparks 2021

Thursday November 11, 2021,

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In this special collection of quotes from YourStory’s TechSparks 2021 coverage, we present insights on pandemic resilience, business pivots, and digital transformation. See also our earlier quotes compilations from conference editions in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

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Pandemic has taught us many things and among those, it has taught us how resilient Indian SMBs are and how amazing their journeys have been to digital. - Archana Vohra, Facebook India

Our biggest learning from the pandemic is to never give up and make an opportunity out of every crisis. - Rajnish Kumar, ixigo

From internal communications using mobile technology among doctors, healthcare workers, and the nationwide vaccination drive; nothing could have been possible if tech and digital adoption was ignored. - GS Naveen Kumar, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Health and education are two areas where India needs to over-invest in the coming years as it is a starved sector, and it will definitely uplift the country. - Anup Jain, Orios Venture Partners

I think what demonetisation did for online payment companies, the pandemic did for online commerce. - Yash Dayal, Zivame

While larger companies were operating from home, local kiranas, chemists and other SMBs were functioning on the frontlines. - Dinesh Agarwal, IndiaMart


With the kind of force with which the pandemic has hit us, I think people in countries will need to trust each other on the bank of some trust which comes from not what we say but what our devices say to each other. - Rohit Bhayana, Lumis Partners

The one good thing that came out of the pandemic is the realisation that people wanted to come forward to contribute and help in whatever way they can. - Kunal Kapoor, Ketto

During the COVID-19 pandemic, banks realised that they have to be nimble, and offer ease of doing transactions like fintechs, while fintechs realised they need to partner with banks to reach the mass of customers that banks already have. - Amol Pai, SBI

[The pandemic] has had an impact on how our software developers and IT practitioners also think about innovation. - Rajat Pandit, Google Cloud

That hustle, that focus on problem solving is what we saw in COVID – it can be replicated in many other areas going forward. - Mohit Bhatnagar, Sequoia India

Some of the work that has happened in the period of urgency, when there was a crisis and people were open to new ideas, has created a roadmap and playbook that can be replicated going forward. - Sandeep Singhal, Nexus Venture Partners


We've learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic that customers now want to access financial products in a completely contactless manner. - Adhil Shetty, Bank Bazaar

People will do physical events when the experience is critical. Rest of the content strategy will move to virtual events. - Vaibhav Jain, Hubilo

It's going to be a very different office feel…. We are going to (use) digital tools more and collaborate through the internet as we kind of have been through this pandemic. - Cal Henderson, Slack

For the first time, people took work from home as a legit format of working. Earlier, it was considered a hobby to work from home, and ‘serious work’ could be done only at the office. - Seema Chaturvedi, AWE Funds

Almost every level -- from students and teachers to administrators and parents, everybody has somehow been forced to adopt the technology. - Navin Mittal, Government of Telangana

The future belongs to those companies who take care of the health and wellness of their employees. - Paneesh Rao, Mindtree

The world has seen COVID. But a larger underlying pandemic is non-communicable diseases. - Dr Sangita Reddy, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise

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