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How Canon’s customized approach to problem solving helped a company boost work productivity

Canon India helped redefine Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance’s business operations by coming up with tailor-made solutions that accelerated growth and ensured efficient functioning of the company.

How Canon’s customized approach to problem solving helped a company boost work productivity

Thursday December 23, 2021 , 5 min Read

What was Edelweiss’ requirement? 

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd. is a leading life insurance company in India operating across 116 Branches with over 58K Agents, headquartered in Mumbai.

“Edelweiss was looking for a document solution provider who could provide high machine uptime, ensure the same service standard across all locations, and provide robust secure machines that would occupy less space. In a nutshell, they were looking for a partner that could help them in enhancing EPO – Efficiency, Productivity and Optimization- across the organization”, shared Mr. K Bhaskhar, Senior Vice President, BIS Division, Canon India.

The Challenge

  • Frequent breakdown in printing infrastructure resulting business and productivity loss
  • Lack of integration between hardware and software applications
  • Outdated features in print fleet
  • Escalating Operational Costs

How did Canon approach the problem?

Bhaskhar added that Canon has significant experience in providing customized automation solutions in BFSI and other verticals across the country. He said “In the case of Edelweiss, we started with an in-depth study into the requirements of the company. These included understanding user pain-points in terms of machine uptime, printing speed, expectations from a new vendor and projected growth outlook for Edelweiss. Accordingly, our customised solution supported with a proof of concept, was devised with a focus on fleet management, user convenience and overall cost reduction. After the successful demonstration, we encouraged the customer to try the product for a period of 10 days to get complete conviction.”

All these factors contributed to Edelweiss selecting Canon as their document solution provider.

  • Customized solution comprising of Canon’s imageRUNNER A4 and A3 MFD’s and DR-C225II Document Scanner
  • Advantage of Canon’s Patented Technologies
  • Optimized operating costs and almost 98% machine uptime
  • Vast Service Support Network

The Results

  • Enhanced business productivity
  • Robust machines and elimination of breakdowns owing to centralized service support
  • Good compression size output from document scanner for DMS
  • Improved User Experience

Expressing his views,

Mr. Sharad Sawant, Senior Manager, IT, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance said,

“Partnering with Canon has been monumental for us and our growth numbers speak for our success. Document handling has never been this easy and Canon’s products make processes effortless thanks to their intuitive operations. While we did evaluate other OEMs to take on this task for us, Canon’s user-friendly, secure, and cost-efficient products built on advanced technologies, made it a must-have partner to fulfill all our business requirements.”

Challenges Hindering Growth & Expansion

Initially, when Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance started operations in the country they worked with a third-party vendor for purchase and servicing of their business imaging infrastructure. This partnership was effective till the time Edelweiss had few (6-7) branch offices in the country, but as the organisation scaled and gradually crossed 100 branches across India, their requirements increased manifold. The expansion also saw operational challenges which needed immediate addressing and could not be fulfilled by their then existing vendor.

Edelweiss wanted a partner who could support the evolving needs of the organisation by providing best-in-class secure machines and a partner who could provide prompt service management.

Rescued By The Experts

Canon India brought with it significant expertise in the Insurance vertical, having been the trusted print and digitisation partner for the majority of the companies in the BFSI segment. The solution customized for Edelweiss included compact and fast 35 PPM A4 MFDs along with the high-speed DR-C225II document scanners for digitization of customer KYC data for the branch offices. For the head office, an image RUNNER ADVANCE 35 PPM A3 MFD with McAfee embedded security for protection against ransomware and firmware tampering was recommended.

Canon’s imageRUNNER A4 MFD perfectly matched the organization’s needs — a robustly designed cost-effective, compact device proved suitable for the branch offices. For the head office, imageRUNNER ADVANCE 35 PPM with quick start-time and optimum electricity consumption, thanks to Canon’s on-demand fixing technology, offered all-round data and network security.

The Canon DR-C225II document scanner is capable of scanning 25 sheets per minute, and therefore is able to take care of the growing digitization needs of the organization. Combining unique design and innovative features, it offers affordable scanning without compromising on performance.

It can be used to scan a variety of documents ranging from id cards, A4 size documents, legal size documents and even A3 size documents using the folio scanning feature.

With service presence in almost 1,000+ locations, Canon India was able to ensure efficient and quick service in the remotest of branches.

What was the impact of Canon’s solution?

Post the successful installation of Canon’s machines, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance saw significant advantages in fleet management which resulted in low carbon footprint as well as good savings in electricity. Bhaskhar spoke about how the “Implementation of a new solution at times can be a challenge for users. To minimise any inconvenience to end users, we ensured to take care of change management along with taking continuous feedback from the users. As a result, the users found significant improvement in their printing experience as well as an increase in their productive man hours. Moreover, the management received similar feedback from branches across the country.”

Big Smile with Canon

With the successful setup of Canon’s MFDs, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance’s work productivity across branches increased significantly. Enhanced capacity to manage workloads, superior print quality, robust and durable hardware and increased machine uptime were some factors that contributed towards a successful outcome.

Edelweiss’ partnership with Canon exceeded their expectations by providing insurmountable business results through effective management of employee workloads and printing & scanning requirements with top-notch services.This case is a quintessential example of end-to-end service delivery by a business partner for their customer with the perfect blend of solutions from input to output bound business.

Staying true to its commitment of ensuring ‘customer delight’, Canon enabled Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance to effectively resolve its operational challenges, thereby proving that ’business can be simple’ with Canon.