‘Increased digitalisation requires investments in building an AI-ready workforce’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From innovation to investment, these quotes from the week of December 13-19 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world.

‘Increased digitalisation requires investments in building an AI-ready workforce’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Wednesday December 22, 2021,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. This special series of quotes focuses on the increasing impact of digital media in India and around the world (see the previous post here). Share these 20 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

With more offline brands entering the online space, more customers are willing to give D2C brands a try. - Aman Hans, BigSmall

The beauty of ecommerce roll-up model is that it is a scalable and profitable business, unlike pure ecommerce platform business. - Gautam Kshatriya, UpScalio

Ecommerce websites are acting like a bridge between the producers and consumers while easing the process of selling the products directly to consumers. - Amit Singal, Fluid Ventures

[Community-driven marketing] is a time-consuming but effective marketing technique, wherein booth appreciations and criticisms have to be well recorded for the growth of the community and the brand. - Parth Chadha, EWar Games

In the next four-five years, there will be a lot of people and enterprises who will first consider using something ready-made, instead of building something from scratch. - Vishal Sahu, DrapCode


Platforms have realised that short videos are something that is getting the maximum amount of viewership and hence need real-time tools tools for quick delivery. - Vinayak Shrivastav, Toch.ai

Synchronised viewing will turn dormant consumption into a dynamic performative one, adding new interactive features that will incite further interactions. - Vinayak S, Toch.AI

Markets are converging, and everyone has access to the US markets and assets like crypto are global in nature. - Rishi Khanna, Stocktwits

Technology is going to play a large role in the way the Indian consumer stays fit and healthy – from tracking progress, monitoring vitals, engaging with a fitness community, and even receiving personalised feedback and training. - Indraneel Gupta, Portl

Beauty and personal care remain highly underleveraged online and that’s where lies the opportunity for creating strong and powerful consumer-first brands. - Sukhleen Aneja, Good Glamm Group

We’ve reached a turning point in healthcare, where the world of fragmented, fee-for-service ‘sick care’ is giving way to a new world of integrated, value-based, preventive care. - Abhinav Shashank, Innovaccer


By integrating payment gateways with chatbots, businesses can facilitate online payments seamlessly and securely. This makes purchasing decisions quick and easy for the customers. - Sumit Gupta, Whizard API

There are few countries in the world where the opportunity for credit expansion is as massive as in India, and we believe some iconic companies will be built to capture this opportunity in the next decade. - Alex Tran, General Catalyst

Only when you solve access can you walk the journey with the consumers towards saving. - Anisha Dossa and Anusha Ramakrishnan, Jify

Ultimately, fintech has emerged as a disruptor, leading the next wave of technology and innovation. - Pramod Lamba, Valyu.ai


Though the task of making web content accessible is not an easy one, advanced deep-learning AI technology is providing tools that can fix many accessibility issues to save time, improve accuracy, and meet industry standards. - Mousumi Kapoor, Continual Engine

The hybrid work culture is going to find its relevance in 2022 to get the best of employees while ensuring their physical and mental wellbeing. - Yogita Tulsiani, iXceed Solutions

Automation enables enterprises to bring efficiency and reduce manual dependencies. - Divay Kumar, O4S

The growth of AI and machine learning, coupled with the prevalence of online work brought about by the pandemic has led to the process of digitisation across domains. - Gaurav Shrivastava, Pensieve

Increased digitalisation requires investments in building an AI-ready workforce to remain competitive in the global economy. - Shweta Khurana, Intel

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