Rezo’s AI-powered contact center delivers faster results with Microsoft’s AI capabilities

The startup looks at improving issues like background noise, accent, inconsistent quality, and dual channel separation among others with Microsoft’s AI tools.

Rezo’s AI-powered contact center delivers faster results with Microsoft’s AI capabilities

Friday December 31, 2021,

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In today’s world, customer experience (CX) is key. As we move towards the post-pandemic ‘new normal’, it has become essential for businesses to keep customers hooked to their services by maintaining seamless communication at all times. But a lot of enterprises fall behind due to their reliance on traditional contact centers or outdated interactive voice response (IVR) systems. While the latter can help reduce costs if used properly, they can also anger customers with inane menu options and a long waiting time. As per a study by Vonage, 61 percent of consumers think IVRs make for a poor experience. A major reason has also been that IVRs and traditional contact centers come with a ‘one size fits all’ belief and are not customised as per different customers. So, while the customer finds the entire process tedious, businesses end up losing customers. Therefore, it is the need of the hour for businesses to reinvent CX smartly.

To address this issue, IITian couple Manish and Rashi Gupta founded in 2017. The objective was to reduce the hassles customers face while dealing with traditional systems by automating all tasks that usually happen at contact centers. Rezo’s AI-powered Contact Center helps businesses avoid customer churn and boost revenue without incurring financial losses through 24x7 real-time responses to customer inquiries with minimal human interaction.

Adding Rezo’s unique edge to improve CX automates customer conversations across channels like voice, email, chats, social media and many more so that interactions are fast, easy, scalable and error free. The aim was to fully transform CX with the help of unique services that help businesses automate interactions across channels, analyse every call and interaction, coach and train agents and enhance CX with inbuilt RPA. Their superior tech-backed services enable brands to build a lasting relationship with customers as they offer more customer-driven conversations, human responses, personalised experiences, answers to multiple questions, quick fixes and 24x7 real-time support.

Today, enterprises are slowly waking up to the reality of automation, which is key for smooth functioning. It reduces the chances of man-made mistakes for more efficiency. Rezo is ensuring that through its bouquet of features such as powerful natural language technology (NLP and NLU) that is combined with deep learning to interpret customer language appropriately, minimalistic changes in current systems that enable seamless integration with any CRM and drives automation, multilingual capabilities that ensure you can support any language, easy hosting qualities that make it deployable both on cloud or on-premises basis the need and less deployment time which makes the system ready in 1-4 weeks.

“The biggest challenge so far was to put Rezo up for success in an industry where inefficiency is widespread and outperform traditional human-led contact centres. We successfully deployed our solutions for industry heavyweights across many sectors, and rolled out large volumes with 2.5x improved CSAT at 30 percent reduced costs,” the founding duo said. Apart from this, currently Rezo helps businesses reduce operational costs by 20-30 percent with the power of technology, AI and a new collaboration with Microsoft.

Scaling with Microsoft

Rezo recently collaborated with Microsoft to utilise their AI capabilities and leverage their services. Microsoft’s Azure AI offers a portfolio of AI services that are tailored for developers and data scientists. With decades of experience, Microsoft brings flexible AI practices that help creators build and deploy their own AI solutions. Azure AI helps startups access high-quality vision, speech, language and decision-making AI models through simple API calls. It lets startups create their own machine learning models with tools like Jupyter Notebooks, Visual Studio Code and open-source frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch.

With Azure, startups are empowered with advanced machine learning capabilities, helping them uncover latent insights, develop enterprise-grade conversational AI experiences while maintaining control of data with Azure Bot Service. Documents can be turned into usable data at a fraction of the time and cost by automating information extraction with Azure Form Recogniser, supporting a wide range of use cases, including translation for call centers, web page localisation, enterprise internal communications and e-discovery and transcribes speech to text with high accuracy, natural-sounding text-to-speech translation and audio translation with Speech Service.

Some of the key areas Rezo wishes to tackle and improve through Microsoft’s technologies is background noise, accent, inconsistent quality, and dual channel separation among others.

Microsoft Azure is a great addition to any startup’s journey. It lets startups choose their platform, including open source, deploy a web app or virtual machine in seconds, scale with point-and-click simplicity, get started easily and manage IT budgets efficiently.

Dreaming of a successful path ahead

Apart from open source welcome and the fact that Azure lets startups accelerate their innovation with their application platform, a major benefit that companies get is the global reach. Through Azure AI’s services, startups can scale fast, achieving global scale across 60+ announced Azure regions.

“Partnerships in this space are important, as it helps startups like ours to grow faster leveraging cross-promotion, build on each other's strengths, fill in gaps in growth areas, and exchange intelligence,” said the founders.

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