People before profits: How Draup is implementing an employee-first strategy

From wealth generation to upskilling, Draup believes in making employees a crucial part of their success story.

People before profits: How Draup is implementing an employee-first strategy

Friday January 07, 2022,

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Employees are the most valuable asset of an organisation, and AI-driven SaaS platform Draup understands this fully well. Its workplace facilitates an environment where people can be themselves, are allowed to take risks, can explore opportunities, and are pushed to continuously think creatively, learn, and develop. The startup firmly believes that a creative entrepreneurial mindset runs deep in each of its projects.

The company is built on the core values of transparency, passion, and hardwork and this reflects in the way employees are encouraged to take up ownership of projects, improve the platform, and work fearlessly to deliver a seamless experience.

Making learning a part of everyday work

Draup encourages self-learning as well as peer-to-peer learning to ensure personal and organisational growth. From organisation-funded online courses to regular knowledge sharing sessions, a host of activities lead to upskilling of employees. Moreover, experiential learning through the projects undertaken is also how employees are provided with upskilling opportunities.

Chandan Kumar, a data architect at Draup says, “The company has always been supportive and encouraged us to learn, grow, and acquire new skills, both core and soft skills. There are processes forgiving constructive feedback, one-to-one interactions with our managers, creating learning plans, and continuous encouragement to experiment. Quality work is recognised via appraisal and promotions. And, the culture at Draup allows everyone to push the boundaries of knowledge.”

Profit-sharing with employees

Draup calls itself an employee-owned organisation focusing on building revenue sharing models, ESOPs, and other monetary and non-monetary benefits to create various wealth creation opportunities for employees which is in addition to the regular forms of compensation and benefits. Very few companies make their employees a part of their profit-sharing model and Draup is one of them.

“We are an employee-driven company and that drives on factors such as transparency, encouragement, diversity, and engagement. Apart from upskilling, the company ensures that we are rewarded monetarily on performance and timely basis,” shares Md Mahabub Alam, a Software Development Engineer.

Fostering an inclusive culture

With gender and skills diversity as its guiding principles, Draup is committed to building a truly diverse talent representation. Over 50 percent of Draup’s employee pool are women, and no role within the organisation is gender-biased.

Maria Fernandes, Associate Director, HR shares, “Policy structure at Draup is such that there is no place for discrimination. The talent acquisition team and hiring managers ensure all eligible applicants are assessed solely on skill and there is absolutely no room for gender bias. The belief of equal opportunity and selection based on skill and merit is at the forefront of the hiring process.”

“At Draup, our most valuable resource is people. And hence, all policies are aligned to create an employee-first culture,” she concludes.

Healthy work-life balance

Irrespective of being in a space that requires quick turnaround and strict timelines, Draup has a culture that allows employees to unwind and recharge. The organisation is empathetic towards its employees and it reflects in the company's generous leave policy. Also, the culture at the startup includes weekly fun sessions for employees to connect on topics/activities/games outside work.

Neha Tamore who is a Data Scientist at Draup shares her experience of initial days at Draup. “I was invited for a coffee discussion to discuss my first project. I was asked what I would like to work on. Not only the remuneration or the bonuses but these small things make us feel valued and appreciated everyday that we work here. Simply put, our ability to be able to approach anyone in Draup's hierarchy, for any help or a brainstorming session, sets it apart,” she says.

Draup’s vision is to be an employee-owned organisation and the same has been institutionalised by creating an open culture that invites new ideas/solutions, empowers employees to own client engagements/projects, as well as participate in revenue/profit sharing opportunities based on exemplary performance.

Physical and mental well-being session, employee assistance program, medical insurance – general insurance and COVID insurance, flexible work timings, reimbursements options – mobile/internet/remote work allowance, team offsites/outings and organisation funded e-modules/courses are some of the other benefits Draup employees can avail.