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How Kanpur-based G.D. International has been successfully manufacturing safety solutions

From protective gear for firefighters and industrial workers to garments for welders and PPE kits, G. D. International has leveled up innovation with international manufacturing expertise.

How Kanpur-based G.D. International has been successfully manufacturing safety solutions

Friday January 14, 2022 , 6 min Read

There might have been quite a few inspirational stories of men and women climbing the social ladder. However, here comes a story that not only made profits but also fuelled social impact. Kanpur-based G. D. International is a leading manufacturer and exporter of workwear & protective clothing and uniforms in India, ensuring comfort and safety to first responders and frontline workers working in several government departments and emergency services.

Being in the industry for the past 40+ years, G.D. International has been successfully providing safety solutions in the form of apparel to workers in different industries. From protective gear for firefighters and industrial workers to garments for welders and PPE kits, G. D. International has leveled up innovation with international manufacturing expertise.

Pioneering technical textiles

Pioneering several product segments in India like workwear and protective clothing, G.D. International has also gained prominence for developing a host of technical textile products. “We started from grass-root level, and my interest was specifically in promoting technical textiles. We can proudly say that we are the pioneers of technical textiles in India. Besides, we encourage manufacturing units to involve more individuals with humble backgrounds ”, says Dulal Acharyya, Founder of G.D. International.

Before starting his venture, Dulal had been a part of various enterprises, thereby accumulating experiences and learning before getting started with his manufacturing company with a vision to bring about a massive change in the Indian manufacturing sector. Today, he is happily reaping rich rewards for the hard work he had put in, with his son David assisting him.

G. D. International currently deals in the following segments of garment manufacturing. The list includes:

  • General Workwear is made up of cotton, cotton: polyester, cotton: nylon blended fabrics which help the workers to be at ease while being uncompromised on their safety, suitable for long work hours usage.
  • High Visibility Workwear help various workers to be “seen” and highlight their presence at low/negligible light conditions to avoid accidents
  • Flame Retardant Protective Garments protect the user from the various heat & flame risks which are highly important for oil & gas, petrochemical & other industries where the risk of a fire is high.
  • Arc Protective Garments to protect the users from the electric arcs and sparks
  • Molten Metal Splash Protective Garments for workers in foundries, smelters, rolling mills, etc to protect the user from a fatal & mortal risk of molten metals
  • Fire Proximity Suits & Aluminised Fire Entry suits for acting as the turnout gear for various firefighters across the globe.
  • Cleanroom Garments for the microchip manufacturing & allied industries
  • Industry-Specific Uniforms for various industries like Hospitals, Catering / Hospitality, Corporate Office, etc
  • Casual Wear - T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Shorts, Jeans, etc

“We are manufacturers of readymade garments and cover a wide range of special segments like workwear and personal protective clothing. The last segment is quite new in India and was a challenge to start. But, today I can proudly say that I have achieved my goals, and thereby extending my innovation to the other countries”, adds Dulal.

Initially, starting as a single player in the manufacturing process, starting from controlling to guiding every small bit and piece of the process involved in the manufacturing unit. The scenario has changed a lot since then as more individuals have joined in, gaining experience, learning the intricacies.

“We have an in-depth understanding of the commercial viability and the feasibility of such products, be it in India or globally. Thereby, we are unique, and stand out from our competitors in every aspect, be it the quality or texture of our products, or our value proposition”, adds Dulal.

Reflecting ‘Indianness’ through the .in domain

“We are an export-oriented company, with almost 95 percent of our turnover generated from foreign exchange. Thus, being globally proactive is a significant aspect of our business, and thereby taking our business online was necessary. The decision also helped in increasing consumer awareness and enhancement of the brand, while positively affecting revenues”, explains David.

Opting for the .in domain was an obvious choice and not one made out of any compulsion, as the company wanted an ‘Indian touch’ for their website. “We are proud Indian manufacturers, and take pride in our Indian culture. This, in turn, reflects ideologies like customer-first approach, helping to connect instantly with the Indian clientele base, claiming the niche segment”, adds David.

The National Internet Exchange for India (NIXI) is helping many businesses across the country to get a .in or .Bharat domain. Enterprises irrespective of their scale and size. . It is affordable and can be availed in more than 22 languages for businesses coming from all regions of the country.

“Our website is a representation of our thoughts, and for any mid or small-sized business, entering the B2B or B2C domain, a website becomes a necessity. Thus, it serves as a long-term investment for the enterprise unlike when you partner with e-commerce websites or social media platforms. Websites help in creating two major segments. One is for genuine entrepreneurs who are ready to make an effort and can put everything on the line. The other is the group that follows the traditional method, and only aims at profit-earning”, explains David.

Future goals

Dulal feels that since the inception of G. D. International, its growth trajectory has been very impressive. Besides, almost 200-300 families are dependent on the organisation for their bread and butter. “We are also enjoying our growth process with them. The company recorded an increase in sales by almost 60 percent as compared to the previous financial year”, he adds.

COVID-19 has hampered the growth prospects of several businesses across the globe. However, even amidst the pandemic, G. D. International has been effective in achieving high sales growth. “This only proves our customers’ confidence in us, and that is satisfying for me”, explains Dulal.

“India is among the world’s largest manufacturing hubs and has the potential to drive global impact. It represents a major business opportunity and we are looking to expand our base in the other countries like the UK, the USA, China, or maybe the Scandinavian countries”.

For G. D. International, several in-house integrations like recruitments, and deployment of advanced technology to improve manufacturing units, are next on the agenda. “I would love to employ more people from the grass-root level, thereby bringing more families under our aegis and offering livelihood opportunities to as many people as we can”, says Dulal.

The ‘Shaping India Inc's Online Growth’ series chronicles the journeys of startups and SMEs in India and how creating an online presence on the .in or .Bharat domain powered their success stories.