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This Smart Paints and Coatings company provides protection from heat, water, dust, corrosion, and virus.

The UP-based startup is engaged in providing Nanotechnology-based innovative materials, enhancing energy saving, and weather protective coating.

This Smart Paints and Coatings company provides protection from heat, water, dust, corrosion, and virus.

Thursday January 13, 2022 , 6 min Read

Back in 2015, Supreet Singh felt the need to ensure smart solutions to fight against global warming. And thus, he started innovating solutions that would at least try to lessen the impact of not only global warming but also variable global infrastructure issues, if not eradicated. Another biggest milestone vertical is ‘Star Virus Shield’, which is Europe’s 1st certified Anti-Viral Nano Material that kills ‘Corona Virus’ within 30 seconds to sort out the pandemic.

This led to the creation of StarShield Technologies, a company offering Nanomaterials infused with Painting and Coating services, where the product offered is specially formulated, forming innovative products with nanomaterial, while protecting it from extreme weather conditions and transmission of infection.

Solving a global issue

Founded in 2015, Uttar Pradesh-based startup StarShield Technologies was initially engaged in a more traditional variant of business, including smart education and animation. However, Supreet Singh, Director, StarShield Technologies, felt that innovation was being limited and that the focus needs to be shifted to solving major global challenges, like energy saving.

“The emission of greenhouse gases has led to an increase in global warming all over the world. Thus, we felt the need to procure something in order to kill this giant. Today, we have captured the international market and made clients across the globe,” says Supreet.

He recalls while they were entering the market, the painting or coating industry was still bound by traditional ideas. “When we entered the market, painting was just for aesthetics. Initially, even if we started simple, we gradually came across these special ones, and started developing them on our own,” he adds.

“Now, we take pride in introducing our functional paints that would reduce the heat by 24 degree-Celsius on the surface coming from roof, walls & glass panes, or the imperishable coatings that can reduce the internal temperature by 21.4% within the glass itself. This led to save energy bills by 19.2%. Besides, we also have an Anti-Viral paint, mosquito repellent paint, along with the ones that would change its colors,” shares Supreet. “So, we are more into research-based products. We have our labs for both research and testing and are thus different from the traditional paints and more into functional paints,” he says.

The exceeding air-conditioner bill led to the launch of the idea. “Mercury was soaring high, and so was the AC bill. Thus, while seeking a permanent solution, we launched our pilot product of heat reducing paints back in 2016, just to have visibility whether such a thing would ever find its market,” recalls Supreet.

Another aspect of our products is that they can be applied on wet walls without the use of primers promising strong adhesive properties and reducing customers' load of expenses.

To grab its market share, free cans of StarShield paints were sent across more than a thousand shops, where the team would give live demonstrations. But the idea didn’t work well. Thus, the focus was on building brand equity by launching a website that would have all the details, and by working on some famous public areas that would catch the attention of people. “The moment we created our brand, sales started pouring in,” he says.

The paint is a traditional business sector with huge enterprises and established players. But how did StarShield address the competition? “Being a traditional market restricts the occurrence of any new change or development. It serves as an advantage for us as the old companies won’t rope in the technological changes deliberately, as it would impart a long-lasting effect, and they won’t have a resale market. They keep on repeating their products, providing us with scopes to work freely and in more space,” adds Supreet.

It’s necessary to have a good team to be a star player, and he feels blessed to have a productive team. “Our list of 45 recognitions and certifications from the United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank, and more form a major part of our significant achievements. Secondly, our Star Virus Shield got the recognition of destroying corona within 30 seconds, as we were working hard to form the world's first antivirus paint,” adds Supreet.

How to win customer loyalty?

Supreet shares that they achieved this platform by chasing customer's queries like- What is the use of paints, just aesthetics or more?; Do Paints also reduce Heat & AC costs?; Why can’t our paint last long?; Can we safeguard surfaces from Paint?; Why can’t we rub the patches properly on the walls?; Can we apply paints on wet & damp walls?; Can walls get clean by themselves?.

“As the .com domain was too expensive for us, we started our journey with a .in domain. As our roots speak for us, customers could find us easily and trust in our products,” says Supreet.

“Earlier, Indians were attracted to imported products. But now, while we show the products we deal in and have technology implementing cost-effective products in India, the .in domain helps to create customer loyalty, thereby, increasing the sales,” he adds.

The National Internet Exchange for India (NIXI) is helping many businesses across the country to get a .in or .Bharat domain. Enterprises irrespective of their scale and size can avail a .in domain with the help of NIXI. It is affordable and can be availed in more than 22 languages for businesses coming from all regions of the country.

Sales and revenue

StarShield is primarily an export-based company where 80-90 percent of the total sales are generated from the revenue, after which comes the part of online sales, where a larger chunk of customers depends on websites while selecting their products. Currently, StarShield has been recognised by the Government of India and is also used for the likes of the national defense sector.

“Today we export to more than 30 countries, including Europe, America, regions of Middle East, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, Europe, and South America. We have our presence in 6 countries with a range of more than 70 revolutionary products following global standards and patents,” adds Supreet.

“India is still consuming almost 0.5 kg of paint per capita, while it is 22 kg per person in the developed countries. We are hopeful that paint consumption will see a rise in the future. In addition to the aesthetics, we are also trying to solve the global problems,” he says.

Supreet also added that the biggest challenge faced right now is the high cost of raw materials. But StarShield is present with its patents and credentials.

Carving the future roadmap, Supreet feels that they are currently in a good position, exploring the international market. “We are representing the Indian startup, as a part of the Indian delegation visiting the World Expo at Dubai, organised by the Ministry of Urban Development, and meeting 190 countries,” says Supreet.

The ‘Shaping India Inc's Online Growth’ series chronicles the journeys of startups and SMEs in India and how creating an online presence on the .in or .Bharat domain powered their success stories.