India’s logistics industry sees massive growth potential in post-pandemic world

In a recent panel discussion conducted by YourStory’s Daily Dispatch powered by HSBC, Pushkar Singh, CEO and Co-founder, LetsTransport and Saahil Goel, CEO, Shiprocket came together to discuss the buzz in the logistics space in India.

Saturday February 12, 2022,

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The logistics space in India is buzzing, with a number of companies making headlines every day. The pandemic has brought in a lot of changes in the industry and digitisation has taken a front seat.

To know more about the activity in the sector, YourStory’s Daily Dispatch powered by HSBC caught up with Pushkar Singh, CEO and Co-founder, LetsTransport and Saahil Goel, CEO, Shiprocket.

Speaking about the implications of the budget announcements on the sector, Saahil shares that the road network expansion is a welcome move as the air costs are much higher than the road.

“This will really help speed things up and bring the overall cost within bounds,” he says.


According to Pushkar, the government’s vision to reduce logistics spending is an ambitious target that will create a phenomenal disruption in the industry. Over the last few budgets, there has been an increased focus on logistics in terms of reducing cost via a multipronged approach.

“We are hopeful and fingers crossed, we would be a part of this entire journey that they have charted out,” he says.

Saahil says that the pandemic has pushed Shiprocket on a digital path.

He adds that in the recent lockdown, there were much fewer restrictions as people had gotten used to the idea and retailers were also used to dealing with this. “It was smooth sailing as we didn’t find any changes in our regular trajectory,” says Saahil. The company has been growing 8-10 percent every month and that continued for them.

Pushkar explains that LetsTransport helps enterprises with regional distribution and their clients are mostly corporates. Enterprises are moving towards the digitisation and consolidation path which has helped the company grow in the past few months.

Lastly, Pushkar shares LetTransport is focussed on making products for their driver owners. “While Saahil is working at the front end of things, we are working at the back end of things,” he says.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti