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How Infopercept is helping born-in-the-cloud organisations on AWS to secure their assets and business

Infopercept helps organisations with its open-source cybersecurity solutions, processes, and people to achieve robust cybersecurity architecture. With the support of AWS, they have built a security platform – Invinsense Cloud - which can be used by AWS customers who want to build a next-gen SOC.

How Infopercept is helping born-in-the-cloud organisations on AWS to secure their assets and business

Saturday February 26, 2022 , 6 min Read

Although digital transformation was a must-have for organisations, businesses that leveraged enhanced technology during the pandemic and shifted to work-from-home models also caught the attention of cybercriminals.

AWS, with its cloud services, have helped businesses accelerate their digital transformation journeys and gain tremendous business growth. However, many of them don’t know which cybersecurity solutions to use for protecting their assets in the AWS environment, and also lack best practices to use these solutions.

For such organisations, Infopercept launched Invinsense Cloud, an integrated cybersecurity platform that provides security in the AWS environment. The company also helps relevant teams build a next-gen Security Operations Center (SOC) that takes care of their cloud security 24x7.

A team anchored in security expertise

Ahmedabad-based Infopercept is a managed security service provider, which takes care of security for global companies. Recently, MSSP Alert, a global publication catering to the Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) audience, ranked the company 87th in their 250 global MSSP ranking.

The founding members, Jaydeep Ruparelia and leadership team, were passionate about cybersecurity since the beginning of their careers. There are many wings in cybersecurity like Offensive, Defensive, Compliance and Threat Intelligence and each director of Infopercept leads one wing. After more than a decade's experience in their respective domains in cybersecurity, they put their heads together to start Infopercept, a comprehensive cybersecurity services company to address the gaps in cybersecurity needs.

"Cybercriminals work by integrating tools and alongside humans to launch an attack. They divide themselves into groups with different objectives based on their expertise and help each other out. Infopercept was born out of an idea to provide an integrated next-generation cybersecurity service," says Jaydeep Ruparelia, CEO and Co-Founder, Infopercept.

Eventually, the company started organising their services, put them under strict processes, and bifurcated them according to the functions they serve in the IT security posture.

It also has a dedicated team for each element of cybersecurity, which have been divided into Red, Blue, Purple, Pink and Orange teams. All these teams help clients in their respective areas in an integrated manner.

Providing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution

Jaydeep says that there are two major approaches in cybersecurity – ‘Prevention’ and ‘Detection’. "Due to the interconnected world and corporations, there are chances of loopholes in technologies, processes, and people, which adversaries take advantage of and enter an organisation. It's here that organisations need to have a proper response mechanism in place," he says.

Infopercept helps organisations make their prevention and detection systems robust to reduce their cyber risk substantially. With their Technology Optimization Center, they help organisations to optimise their existing cybersecurity solutions and align them to cybersecurity best practices.

Their Compliance Optimization Centre also helps organisations to design and implement cybersecurity aspects of various compliance standards they need to adhere to.

Jaydeep adds, "Infopercept is uniquely positioned, as it has the entire cybersecurity offering under one roof. Firstly, we have offensive security, which means that we will behave like attackers and let our clients know their loopholes and secondly, we have defensive security which is proactive in nature and will provide them with the necessary protection.”

In 2020, they also leveraged open-source innovation in cybersecurity and developed an integrated platform comprising people and solutions called Invinsense Cloud. Through the platform, it provides MDR, MDR+ and OMDR services.

Under MDR (Managed Detection and Response), it provides detection and response leveraging solutions like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and their integration. Under MDR+, it provides deception technology to enhance detection and response in addition to what it does in MDR. In OMDR (Offensive Managed Detection and Response), it provides offensive security intelligence to enhance detection and response that thinks and acts like adversaries.

A joint vision with AWS

The founders say that their association with AWS is a result of their visions being aligned with regard to the seriousness of cybersecurity and inclination towards Open Source.

AWS has helped Infopercept in developing success stories, right from developing use cases, helping customers to achieve their desired cloud security posture and developing a next-generation SOC for them.

"AWS cloud security is a shared responsibility between AWS and the companies that are built on AWS. This shared responsibility is the crux of our association with AWS. We help companies that are built on AWS to take care of the security of the assets they spin in AWS," says Jaydeep.

Infopercept works with AWS to understand the exact cybersecurity requirements of the companies built on AWS, enhanced open-source solutions to make them compatible with AWS and integrated these cybersecurity solutions to provide 24x7 prevention and Cloud Detection and Response Services through their platform called Invinsense Cloud.

A 360-degree support system

Under Invinsense Cloud, Infopercept helps companies built on AWS with the following that will enhance their cloud security posture - well-architected framework, cloud security posture management, dev sec ops, cloud workload protection, comprehensive cloud security monitoring and analytics using AI and ML, cloud protection against insider threats, cloud-accelerated detection, response and remediation, cloud advance offensive security, and cloud security compliance automation - SOC2, ISO27001, ISO27701 and ISO27017.

Jaydeep shares, "When we presented the idea of Invinsense Cloud to AWS, they assigned a security specialist and global teams from AWS who helped us conceptualise the platform, suggested which AWS workloads to leverage, provided credits to test out the platform, and more.”

AWS also helped Infopercept spread awareness of shared security responsibility in the AWS environment. "AWS has been a great partner to endorse our security services which we’re enhancing each passing day with the help of the AWS team. The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a great way for us to explore new opportunities and share the latest learnings with our team members, clients, and partners," he adds.

Penetrating global markets in the future

Present in 12 countries, the bootstrapped company is currently growing steadily and doubling revenue every year with 200+ clients and a 100+ strong team. “We have different leaderships for different verticals of cybersecurity, and all of us are first-generation entrepreneurs from humble backgrounds. The risk was higher as we had left our secured jobs, but our passion for cybersecurity and following our vision made us take the leap of faith," says Jaydeep.

With offices in India, the US, the UK, and Sri Lanka, the company's plan is to penetrate deeper into these markets and provide cybersecurity services like MDR to organisations of all sizes.

On the AWS front, they have bigger plans. "AWS is a dynamic company and we will work closely with them to match our security offerings to their agility and scalability. We will keep enhancing our Preventive Security Services and Cloud Detection and Response services to help the AWS customers to enhance their business growth with increased protection," he adds.