‘India will have 1 billion smartphone users by 2026’ – 20 quotes of the week on the India business opportunity

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‘India will have 1 billion smartphone users by 2026’ – 20 quotes of the week on the India business opportunity

Thursday March 03, 2022,

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India will have 1 billion smartphone users by 2026. 5G will fuel an incremental sale of 135 million smartphone units over the next 5 years. - Peeyush Vaish, Deloitte India

Rising smartphone penetration in rural India has created an opportunity to build a farmer-centric social network for India’s 130 million cultivators and their families, a total population of over 600 million. - Mark Kahn, Omnivore

India SaaS has seen phenomenal growth in the last five years. By 2025, it is positioned to reach $30 billion in revenue and double its global market share to eight percent. - Shekar Nair, Upekkha

The need of the hour is therefore to pull the same canvas of open banking architecture over India’s credit rails to provide the much needed impetus to India’s credit systems. - Aditya Gupta, Credilio

As the country increasingly moves online, we believe the digital channels will be a strong enabler for consumer businesses to scale at a rapid pace. - Vishal Tulsyan, MOPE


India is the capital of diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension, which could be completely managed by changing your lifestyle. - Vishal Gondal, GOQii

If we talk about the American markets, they are fine with the product being eight on ten in taste if it is 10 on 10 when it comes to health benefits. That is not the case with India. - Pranay Jain, BodyFirst

It seems indispensable to consider alternative protein and fiber sources to replace the conventional sources in dairy and poultry feed. - Nikhil Bohra, Krimanshi

Mushroom cultivation can be done easily at home with limited space. - Nilofar Jaan

Increased awareness towards consuming healthier food, urbanisation and evolving consumer dynamics have led to more focus on reducing food wastage in India. - Nitin Jain, Ichinen Capital Services

The vegetarian population is very small compared to the non-vegetarian ones. - Sairaj Dhond, Wakao Foods

There is negligible awareness of baby safety in India, made worse by the lack of products to safeguard children in their own surroundings. - Tarun Kumar Bansal, Safe-O-Kid


If we want good, smart, and principled people to get into politics, there need to be pathways enabling them to work towards their goal. - Hemakshi Meghani, Indian School of Democracy

Startup India ranking places Kerala as one of the top Indian states for startup environment. - Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan

It’s time India wakes up to enact its exclusive and all inclusive Climate Change Law. - Shanmuga Sundara Bharathi, Anant National University

The next decade presents a meaningful opportunity for luxury brands and service providers to enter and further strengthen presence in India. - Anas Rahman Junaid, Hurun India

Apparel and garments are not very investment-centric but it is important from the employment point of view. - Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles

Gen Z loves the charm of ethnic wear but wants it to be uncomplicated and practical. - Amit Bhardwaj, 6Degree

Most products tagged natural and eco-friendly tend to be expensive. - Anubhuti Jain Mishra, Anubhuti – An Experience

There is a huge untapped potential in the market as not more than 2 percent of Indian population invest in the stock market. - Alok Kumar, StockDaddy

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