Companies need to prioritise digital employee experience: Salesforce Co-CEO Bret Taylor

Salesforce Co-CEO said that the future of work was flexible rather than hybrid and digital-native companies will stand to gain in the war for talent.

Companies need to prioritise digital employee experience: Salesforce Co-CEO Bret Taylor

Wednesday March 30, 2022,

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San Francisco, California headquartered cloud-based CRM software provider Salesforce foresees the future of work to be digital-first, with leadership teams prioritising digital employee experience. 

Salesforce Co-CEO, Bret Taylor, who took over in November 2021 said that leadership teams and boards which are digital-native will see an advantage in the flexible work environment going ahead, during a press event. He added that of the 75,000 people employed by Salesforce globally, nearly 30,000 had joined the company during the pandemic.

“I think in this world of flexible work for it to work successfully, it really requires a proactive conversation as a management team all the way down the chain of the company. And I think that when I talk to the executive teams that are thriving, right now, it's really they're having this conversation proactively. They're not passive about their approach to flexible work and they're approaching it creatively,” said Bret Taylor, Co-CEO of Salesforce, during the event. 

He added that this also paved the way for Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack to help organisations define their vision for a digital workplace. 

Salesforce completed the $27 billion acquisition of business communication tool Slack in July 2021 to grow its Salesforce Customer 360 suite, connecting employees, customers and partners on a single platform. It also acquired analytics platform Tableau in 2019 to strengthen its digital transformation offering.

Bret said that India continued to be a strategic market for Salesforce, from a business perspective and for developing new products at the research and development centre in Hyderabad.

“Like every market in the world, every company in India is going digital and I think we have an opportunity with our platform to help really help every company build a digital business in India. We've had some remarkable customer success stories in that market,” said Bret, responding to a query during the event. 

He further added, “We also do a lot of research and development in India as well. And in fact products like our financial services cloud are developed exclusively in Hyderabad and other offices in India. So it's an area of focus for me as CEO and for us as a management team.”

Led by India CEO Arundhati Bhattacharya, Salesforce employs over 6,500 people across its offices across Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurugram as of March 2022. It also added Slack’s Pune facility with the acquisition.

On March 1, 2022, Salesforce had raised its revenue guidance for the fiscal year 2023 with projected revenue of $32-32.1 billion for the year. Salesforce clocked $26.49 billion in revenue for FY 2022, up 25 percent from the previous year.