A merch brand for Web3 innovators

Love A Bot is a community platform and project led by Kunal Kapoor that comprises a builders community, an AR experience, NFT airdrops, artist collaboration, content creation, and more.

A merch brand for Web3 innovators

Saturday April 30, 2022,

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Hello Readers, 

With NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) gaining more use cases by the day, an increasing number of startups have started innovating on blockchain-based digital asset ownership solutions.

Now, various artists, gamers, and creators are also exploring how NFTs can impact the creator industry.

For seasoned actor and entrepreneur Kunal Kapoor, this spelt an opportunity to build a culture, content, and merchandise-driven NFT platform for creators

His new project — Love A Bot (known as LAB) — is a robot-themed NFT community and platform for innovators, builders, and gamers in the Web3 domain.

“In popular culture, advancements in technology are often portrayed in a dystopian manner. It is important to have a counter-narrative, and so the name Love A Bot implies love for technology, and pays homage to tech innovators,” he says, in a conversation with The Decrypting Story.

Love A Bot is a community platform and project, which comprises a builders community, an AR experience, NFT airdrops, artist collaboration, content creation, and more. Read more.

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Entrepreneurship 101

Startup Spotlight

A Nykaa-like beauty platform 

Falguni Nayar’s profit-making beauty and personal care startup Nykaa has won many hearts in India. However, the situation in our neighbouring country Bangladesh is quite different. The beauty and personal care, as well as ecommerce sectors, are still in their early days with a handful of players. 

Dhaka-based Shajgoj — which means ‘to adorn or dress up’ — is a beauty ecommerce startup launched in 2013. But it was only in 2018 that it started selling beauty and personal care products across Bangladesh, catering to almost 400,000 customers. Read more.


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