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LogicLadder and AWS collaborate to strengthen the sustainability and ESG sector with the Sustainability Cloud platform

Gurugram-based LogicLadder credits the AWS Startup Ramp from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with helping them launch into the public sector with minimal obstacles.

LogicLadder and AWS collaborate to strengthen the sustainability and ESG sector with the Sustainability Cloud platform

Thursday April 14, 2022,

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According to a McKinsey report titled ‘The net-zero transition: What it would cost, what it could bring, the transformation of the global economy needed to achieve net zero carbon emissions (Net Zero) by 2050 would be universal and significant. This worldwide undertaking would require $9.2 trillion in annual average spending on physical assets, which is $3.5 trillion more than what is needed today.

The same report also highlights how beneficial this transition would be, as it would help prevent the build-up of physical climate risks, reduce the catastrophic impacts of climate change, and bring growth opportunities as decarbonisation will create efficiencies and open the market for low-emissions products and services.

This is what makes the startup LogicLadder, a sustainability cloud platform to accelerate Net Zero, such a timely and relevant solution for private Indian businesses and the public sector.

The founders at Gurugram-based startup LogicLadder noticed how the increase in consumer demands forced businesses to place more stress on natural resources like energy, water, and air. The founders realised that sustainability goals were often ill-defined and badly managed for many businesses. While many enterprises have platforms in place to manage attendance, sales, marketing, finance, and more, most of them lack a platform to manage corporate sustainability. This is what led LogicLadder co-founders Mayank Chauhan and Atindra Chandel at LogicLadder to build The Sustainability CloudTM.

Enabling corporate control over emissions

LogicLadder’s flagship product, The Sustainability Cloud, captures, accounts for, and reports carbon emissions so enterprises can be in control of these emissions and their disclosures to create less stress for business leaders and the environment. It allows enterprises to proactively conduct a software-driven, real-time, and predictive approach to manage decarbonisation to achieve Net Zero through access to carbon credits and offsets. The platform enables organisations to collate carbon, water, and waste data from a variety of data sources.

With The Sustainability Cloud, enterprises can handle carbon and sustainability accounting, as well as reporting and disclosures per regulatory requirements and investor grade disclosures. By leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the platform allows companies to do baselining and benchmarking for carbon and other sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs), and carbon budgeting. Finally, companies can also identify anomalous and deviant scenarios using what-if analysis, to make sure that they stay on track towards their Net Zero goals.

From a market and timing perspective, LogicLadder was an early entrant in the sustainability and environmental social and corporate governance (ESG) sector. Though their experience over the years helped them overcome initial challenges, like limited resources for instance, they faced a larger challenge when it came to matching the requirements of the public sector. As a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution, LogicLadder utilised private clouds for large deployments. However, when it came to the public sector, the solutions were deployed on the server infrastructure provided by the public sector end customers, despite some public sector requirements to deploy the solution in a private cloud model.

Deploying a private cloud on different infrastructures would have caused issues of technical management, higher costs for development operations (DevOps), and a poor experience for the end customer. Ultimately, the experience might have cast a cloud over LogicLadder’s solutions. LogicLadder opted out of many opportunities in the public sector to avoid possible outcomes like these.

Scaling new heights with AWS Startup Ramp

LogicLadder and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have a long relationship. The organisation has been using AWS infrastructure for the last few years. So, when they wanted to address the challenges they were facing in the public sector – like certain requirements to deploy their solutions from a private cloud – they reached out to AWS. The idea was to scale and expand their offering into the Indian public sector space, without facing the large roadblocks of multiple infrastructure management.

They were introduced to the AWS Startup Ramp, a program designed to help startups build and scale disruptive and innovative ideas on AWS, and accelerate their journey into the public sector. The program helped LogicLadder offer their solutions to the public sector, as well as help them navigate government guidelines.

“When we think of the AWS program, we remember Issac Newton’s famous words, ‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’ I am sure that AWS is enabling both us and many startups like us to look and leap forward,” said Mayank Chauhan, chief executive officer (CEO) of LogicLadder.

By enrolling for the program, LogicLadder reduced their total cost of ownership as well as the management of cloud infrastructure. The program also helped LogicLadder gain access to low-cost and dependable cloud infrastructure, which in turn helped them pare down the time it took to scale their solutions in a private cloud mode. The company also had a chance to support LogicLadder’s channel and system integrators by creating better public sector pipelines – a feat that was previously difficult for them due to infrastructure scalability issues.

Finally, LogicLadder was able to integrate into the public sector market with ease, because the AWS Startup Ramp connected them to an existing network of AWS customers. As a result, LogicLadder is almost fully ready to tackle the public sector and large enterprise market segments.

When asked about the AWS Startup Ramp program, LogicLadder shared that for a long time, data uptime was a big obstacle for the company due to problematic infrastructure. With the guidance and advice of mentors in the AWS Startup Ramp Program, LogicLadder deployed AWS infrastructure for the enterprises to reduce these data uptime challenges. By completely embracing AWS’s services and deploying its infrastructure, their data uptime challenges have been reduced by 99.95 percent.