[YS Exclusive] Gul Panag, Nikhil Vora, and Nimisha Nagarsekar invest in conscious-tech platform OneGreen

Nikhil Vora (Founder & CEO, Sixth Sense Ventures) and Nimisha Nagarsekar (CFO, Sixth Sense Ventures) are backing OneGreen, which claims to be Asia's largest online store for all things organic and conscious. Also investing in the platform is Bollywood actor Gul Panag.

[YS Exclusive] Gul Panag, Nikhil Vora, and Nimisha Nagarsekar invest in conscious-tech platform OneGreen

Monday April 25, 2022,

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Conscious-tech platform OneGreen has raised investment and backing from Nikhil Vora (Founder & CEO, Sixth Sense Ventures) and Nimisha Nagarsekar (CFO, Sixth Sense Ventures). The round also had fitness expert, aviator, producer and Bollywood actor, Gul Panag invest an undisclosed amount in OneGreen.

OneGreen is an online shop that validates and verifies the claims of 350+ brands, 12,000+ products and 80+ categories that are offering clean, organic, conscious products. It does this through an  in-house proprietary algo-based tool that gives assurance to consumers in order to facilitate an ecosystem that is transparent, genuine and credible.

“We could see a strong connect between the brand philosophy of OneGreen, Nikhil and Nimisha’s vision and Gul’s personality – Nikhil and Nimisha have a history of backing not only successful and future-looking brands but also teams that are futuristic and full of rigor. Gul, on the other hand, is one of those few celebrities, who is supremely transparent with her consumption choices and healthy lifestyle. She is what you see as a person and that is precisely what you get on OneGreen," said Abhijit Bhattacharya and Neha Gahlaut, founders of OneGreen.

Neha Gahlaut, Co-founder, OneGreen.

OneGreen dabbles with multiple categories, including but not limited to personal care, groceries and staples, intimate hygiene, home care, and food and beverage. This wide array of product portfolio is in line with bringing all the needs of the consumers under one umbrella. All this while also assuring top-notch conscious quality.

Founder and CEO of Sixth Sense Ventures, Nikhil Vora, stated, "OneGreen is solving a key problem in a very large market. By 2025, India’s ecommerce market is expected to cross $200 billion, and there would be nearly 340 million ecommerce customers. The number of conscious consumers is already hitting a 100 million number.  We are excited about the pivotal role that OneGreen will play as a tech-driven integrated market-place to these consumers."

Prominent brands that are listed on OneGreen's marketplace are Epigamia, Tata Soulful, Nourish Organics, Phool, Vahdam Teas, Snackible, SuperBottoms, The Moms Co., Conscious Foods, Neemli Naturals, Timios, The Whole Truth, Wingreens, Shumee, Dr Sheths, Azah, PureCult, True Elements, Yoga Bar, Pop Goes the Art, Bare Necessities, and Bella Vita. A seller of multiple brands, OneGreen aims to bring exposure to small, ethical brands as well.

Gul Panag

Bollywood actor, Gul Panag.

Talking about her investment, Bollywood actor Gul Panag said, "I have always believed in clean living. My choices are not radical – they are very much regular ones except that they were earlier not considered popular. "

"With this sudden frenzy around well-being, I see almost everyone around concerned and aware and most importantly, looking for products that are genuine. And OneGreen has come in as a boon to these burgeoning set of conscious consumers since they verify the authenticity of the brands as well - therefore, I found great synergies in what Abhijit and Neha are building with OneGreen and their vision of catering to this set of value-seeking consumer. There is no way I could have not been a part of this."

Edited by Anju Narayanan

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