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Expansion, Upskilling, and ESOPs: How Antier Solutions is welcoming the new fiscal year

Apart from doubling its workforce, Antier Solutions is also opening new offices in the US, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and the UAE.

Expansion, Upskilling, and ESOPs: How Antier Solutions is welcoming the new fiscal year

Monday May 23, 2022,

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The world is entering a new era of Web 3.0, heralding the onset of a decentralized ecosystem based on blockchain technology. From blockchain to NFTs to Metaverse and gaming – the past decade has seen tremendous strides in the field. And right at the forefront of this change is Antier Solutions, India’s leading blockchain company.

The Antier journey began over a decade ago with a keen eye for identifying and seizing opportunities from disruption to delivering transformational outcomes for a new decentralized digital world. Witnessing considerable growth over the years, the company’s portfolio mushroomed from one product to over 20 services and the team grew from 150 to 500+ team members.

In tune with its rapid growth, Antier now aims to further expand its footprint as well as workforce by 2X in the new fiscal year.

Rapid expansion on the cards

Since its inception, Antier has harnessed the power of decentralization and smart contracts to build scalable, asset-agnostic applications. The full-service blockchain development firm has been helping businesses adopt new technologies to stay ahead of change such as DeFi, NFTs, Smart Contracts, and fully customized layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain networks. It has a strong technical foundation in writing decentralized protocols for finance, supply chain, real estate, and digital arts.

Most recently, the company has been making huge waves in Metaverse development and gaming. The highly scalable virtual area and its own economy is the next big step after the world wide web. While the trend is just catching on, Antier has an inhouse development studio to create metaverse applications.

Along with their growing services, Antier is looking at increasing their workforce and is also opening new offices in the US, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and the UAE. Candidates with engineering, consulting and marketing backgrounds, who want to learn and understand the industry, can apply. Antier Solutions’ rigorous research and unmatched solutions across strategy, consulting, technology, and operations make it a great company to learn from.

Speaking about the expansion, Vikram R Singh, CEO, Antier Solutions said, 2022 is an important year. Not only it calls for recovery from the pandemic but also marks the arrival of Web 3.0 . For us, this is an unmissable opportunity to extend our blockchain expertise to metaverse development, DeFi 2.0 and an all new range of industrial use cases. The 200 percent growth last year has inspired us to address more critical issues across the enterprises.

Employee-first initiatives

Antier is set to implement ESOPs for its workforce across the globe. Its dedicated Learning & Development wing is focused on ensuring that each employee is aware of the trends in the sector.

Blockchain plays a key role in the development of a digital economy. From NFTs to the more recent Metaverse phenomena, trends in the sector are grabbing eyeballs. As per an international market research report, the size of the global Metaverse real estate market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31.2 percent during 2022-28. As the sector booms, Antier too is keeping pace with them with their customized services and experts by regularly upskilling and training employees in Metaverse, gaming, blockchain and DeFi.

As Antier Solutions continues their upward growth trajectory with new plans, it will be interesting to see their journey as they expand and make the most of the trends.

Candidates in engineering, consulting and marketing domains, who want to start a career in blockchain, can apply here: